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Just been fiddling in the new chat area and I noted that the bottom 'mad' smilie on the list throws up the alternate version half way down the list when the message is displayed, as in: :rolleyes:


I haven't really bothered with the smilies in the test forum.

They need to be imported, organised, and all the BBCode assigned; so I've left that until I do the switch-over proper.

If they're still out of sorts once we've moved, ping me and I'll sort it.

Shaun :rolleyes:


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I know you'll be onto this Shaun, and it's probably on a long list, but can we have some of the old smilies back as the default choice (the initial ones you get when you click the emoticon button). The new ones don't have the same character as our familiar ones.

Might be worth people saying which ones they use most to select the default ones?

For me, it's (in no particular order)

:ohmy: :tongue: :biggrin: :smile: :sad: :laugh: :rolleyes: :becool: :laugh: ^_^ :angry: :thumbsup: xx(

For the animated ones I tend to open the list of more, but it might be handy to have the birthday, hyper, beer and wahhey, since they get used a lot (I don't know if they can do in the default list, being animated...)
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