wtf is all i can say


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had my boardman road comp stolen last week, was gutted. really loved the bike :sad: . wasnt insured (ny own stupid fault). decided to buy another bike but decided to go cheaper this time. following the advice on this forum i went out and bought a Triban 3 from decathlon.

it weighs more than the boardman and looks alot smaller even though its supposedly a 1cm bigger frame size. it feels like a more racier riding position as the front is angled alot lower.

i've just hooked up my garmin edge and took it out for a spin and on the first try ive smashed my pr on a hill ive always found tough going and also faster on what is a big chunk of my ride home from work.

its an amazing bit of kit for £300.


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wish there was a Decathlon store near by


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Don't understand why Decathlon don't open more stores - besides your area they must be missing out on £ squillions of sales to people in the SW - no store more SW than Reading, or more S than B'ham. Nothing in the whole of Wales. Maybe they just can't handle the logistics of more than a handful of stores in the UK?
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