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My nephew is 21 and looking to get away from home and do something interesting and useful. He is a vegetarian and getting interested in things like yoga and meditation. Somebody suggested that WWOOF might suit him and he seems interested but needs a bit of a push.

Have any of you volunteered, or do you know anybody who has? What was the experience like?

I can see that it could be a really positive experience, but I wonder if it sometimes goes horribly wrong?

Any suggestions or advice would be welcome - cheers.


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Don't know owt about it, but thanks for the link... one of my (young adult) offspring might be interested in that. :okay:


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SWIMBO did it for a couple of weeks down in Devon on a smallholding
But that was a looong time ago
She enjoyed every minute and would have done it again if she had not ended up in hospital for 7 weeks on her return (unrelated incident)
Blimey. Last time I looked at WWOOF it was 'weekend working on' not worldwide, and they published a tatty A5 listing with some additional "classifieds" in the back for international hosts that they couldn't really vouch for the organic-ness of but you were welcome to contact them and see if you wanted to volunteer....

I spent a couple of years on and off in the Dordogne as a result!


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A friend of mine owns a smallholding and has volunteers over quite often. I'd say go for it, definitely worth doing.
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