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I run the site as a resource for end-to-end riders ... go over and have a look at what it's all about.

Feedback from riders that have listed journals or ride dates and would-be riders continually asks for listings of accommodation, bike shops etc that would/could serve end-to-enders.

Until now I've fought shy of this development as it's so hard to keep it current and accurate etc ... BUT having just ridden it again (LEJOG this time) I'm going to have another crack at it.

I have the plan in my mind for populating the content etc, and maintaining it BUT I can't decide how best to index it ... so, ideas please from either end-to-enders or other cycle tourists.

There would be top level categories of, say, Accommodation, Bike shops etc - it's the geographical breakdown that I can't decide on ... is it some sort of "region" [the official Government regions might be a start] or by county, or what?

The establishment entries would be to a standard field format - e.g. Business name*, contact name, address 1*, address 2, town/city*, county?*, region?*, postcode*, e-mail address*, website url + freeform text & possibly pix. [The items with an * would be mandatory] The content would be searchable, or scrollable.

That's about as far as I've got, that's why I am seeking ideas ..... the software that drives it all has some smart components that will do most of the work ... I'm not looking at bespoke development.

SO, if you can help please post here, PM or e-mail me at rob@<the domain name> [I have cross-posted this on some other fora, just reply via one!!]




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One piece of information that I think is quite useful on the accomodation listings would be if the establishment has wi-fi or not. A mate and I start our LEJOG in September and are in the process of booking accomodation now and whilst wi-fi is not a deal breaker, it is a nice to have so we can easily update our daily blog.

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