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So, I had my first crash last night. It was the stupidest thing - I hit a raised manhole cover on a dark street, lost my balance and went for a slide along the asphalt. Luckily I didn't hit my head and I stopped before I hit the gutter, but I have 2 grazed palms, a shredded ankle, and a grazed elbow, knee, and - wait for it - nipple. How, I'm not sure, because I was wearing a high-neck tshirt that isn't torn at all.

The really dumb thing is, I hit the damn thing once before without coming off and thought, "oooh shoot, must remember that's there." And, earlier in the ride, I was thinking, "Hey, I wonder what kind of headlight that guy's got? It's much better than mine!"

Funny though: when I got home, the two-year-old took one look at me and announced that I needed a bath this instant (emphasis hers). Channeling Granny!


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Ouch! Glad you're not too badly hurt. Show off your road rash as a trophy for a couple of days!:smile:


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Sounds painful.

I'm yet to come off my bike (touch wood) although I came ever so close the other day. Was doing about 24+ mph and took a left turning at speed. I'd forgotten to raise my left leg. I got low and my pedal caught the road,my left knee flew up, my bike wobbled, handle bars span round and smacked my left knee, struggled to control the bike but managed to stop the wobble before I went over the handle bars. Got the bike straight again and carried on my merry way without ending up on my arse.

Stopped after 3 mins tho cuz my left knee was in agony. Its got a nice lump and bruise on it now B)

I'm sure my day will come. ;)
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