Why is it that yellow is the universal colour for gathering muck. Of all the cycling attire that I have all my yellow hi-viz stuff has some form of dirt or oil on them. Yesterday I got dirt all over my new yellow s/s cycling top on it's second outing. The only other cycling top that has oil marks on it is my l/s yellow top. Is this some kind of cycling law? A bit like the wind always being against you no matter what direction you go, or there being a big hill just round the corner when your about to collapse from exhaustion?


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Bromley, Kent
it gets worse when you wear White

Yellow Fang

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That's partly why I bought a charcoal coloured cycling jacket last time. That and not wanting to look like an emergency worker when I was in the pub.
But yellow trousers dont show wee stanes

dave r

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I have a light weight yellow rain jacket that has sported an unusual black pattern for a few years now, since falling into the chain whilst travelling through the village of Everdon one Sunday morning, it was strapped to the underside of my saddlebag.
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