Yet Another Newbie - Australia

Gidday all, I'm from Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, new to cycling, apart from as a teenager in the UK. I've discovered I really LOVE it, I'm addicted. I'm looking for mature cyclists in my area, to do short tours with and then eventually overseas. I'm able to do 25-30klms comfortably and working on increasing it. I've overcome a sore wrist, and now working on how to overcome a sore bum. I'm pretty thin and have no covering there! Anyone else out there in my area? Or anyone planning on doing any tours in the UK or Ireland in the future?


Corn Fed Hick...
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Welcome to the forum cobber ;)
Hello judee and welcome to the forum! :laugh:

I spent Dec and Jan cycling from Sydney to Adelaide, and had hoped to get up to Brisbane, but it was TOO hot! But I had a great time and met some fantastic people.

Just get out on your bike and head off for the horizon!

Hope you stick around, there's a lot of fun and info to be had here!
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