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Hi guys and gals.

My name is Lewis, I'm 27 and from Derbyshire.
I'm normally an avid walker, but have seen more and more cyclists cruise on by under the great sun we're having. After not spending too long thinking about it, I want to give it a go as it were.

I've not done too much research yet, but looking around this forum, it looks like all the info I need is right here! I'm still undecided as to which bike I want, but I guess that's for another sub-forum!

Anyway, be gentle with me! :becool:
I'm off to explore the forum further.


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Hi lewjamben and welcome to CycleChat.. have a good old nose around the forums and jump right it..


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Hi there Lewis,reading this forum really made my mind up to get myself a bike last year,before that it was only a thought but the more I read on here the more enthusiastic I became,although after the 1st couple of rides I did wonder if i'd made a huge mistake:ohmy: fortunately it does get easier:biggrin:


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Welcome fellow derbyshire cyclist !!!:biggrin:

The whole what bike debate is a hot one, if you do post remember to list what you will use the bike for and your budget to narrow down the choices.
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