Yet another 'what bike should I buy query'...sorry!!?


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Apologies for yet another, thread on advice in buying a new bike, but am completely new to cycling and would very much value your expert advice.

Recently learnt to ride a bike (at the grand age of 40), by using a second hand mountain bike, which I purchased for £70. This bike has done it’s job in respect of making me a progressively confident rider and as I enjoy my new pastime so much, I want to treat myself to a new bike.

What I want from my new bike:
- A bike which will assist me in improving my fitness.
- One which will enable me to commute into work. I live in nw London, and will have a six mile ride into work each morning.
- A durable bike, which will handle London’s roads. Speed is not the key issue for me, I just want a bike which will handle well in traffic and be easy to maintain
- I will be using the Cycle to work scheme, so am looking to buy a bike with a retail value of about £600.
- My current bike as bullhorn handle bars, which I am not really comfortable with. I think flat handlebars will suit me a lot better.
Naturally, I will be seeking advice from my local bike shop, which is part of the cycle to work scheme, but I thought it would be good to get the advice from you guys. You have given me such great advice in the past. Thanks.


Glad the learning went well! :thumbsup:

I don't know a great deal about alot of technical detail, so I'll leave that to others. But for me, I commute on a hybrid. (Whilst nothing like as quick as a road bike, it was a revelation after the pig-iron mountain bike with knobbly tyres!)

I've got a Ridgeback which cost about £350 for the basic bike.(700c wheels). I chucked on some lights, a basic computer, pannier rack and bag. Oh, light weight mudguards too, highly recommended.

I'm sure you could buy better, particularly spending a bit more money, but my bike gets me around trouble free, and is reliable.

So that's my input for what it's worth! LBS will advise I'm sure.

Good luck!



That's a good story ;)

Any idea if you are limited to a particular makes or makes? Will it be the make(s) stocked by local shop? It'll help narrow down the choice a bit.


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Thanks for your messages.

Not limited to any make as far as I'm aware. Have a free rein on what type of bike I want to purchase.

There is a v good LBS near me, which is part of the scheme.
Popped into my local Cycle Surgery shop this lunchtime, but unfortunately was not too impressed by the guy who served me. I went there to get some information and once the guy realised I wasn't going to select the bike there and then, he seemed to lose all interest in me..!!


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I've had a Dawes Galaxy for about 15 years, it's fab. So I bought a Dawes Sonoran for OH, and it's rusted within a year (not so fab).

I hurt my lower back in a crash last year, so I've just bought myself a more upright Raleigh (I know!) Jaguar, and I really like it. Rear rack & panniers are essential for commuting; it's nippy and light and I really like it :biggrin:
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