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Had a few problems with a Hybrid I bought second hand from LBS. Cost £160 and when I bought it they said it was all ready to go and was sold based on my requirements for a bike to do the Manchester Blackpool ride.

First issue was a wonky seat that wouldn't tighten and a damaged rear tyre that blew the tube after about 16 miles. (the steel cable round the rim was exposed and it rubbed through)

Took the wheel and seat back to the shop and they sorted it out with a new seat clamp and a new tyre. All good so far until...

1> I put the wheel back on this morning and realised the two tyres no longer match. They have different treads and the new rear one seems a bit less nobbly than the original front one. Not a huge difference but enough to make me ask the question here. Is there a big range of treads available and is it okay if they are more or less the same?

2> The chain seemed a bit noisy and the gear change isn't very smooth. On closer inspection I noticed one side of one of the links has broken and I think that is what is making the noise. I have only just started using gears and I have had a few "clunk" moments so not sure if I caused this myself. The chain certainly isn't new and generally looks fairly dirty and thin.

3> On closer inspection of the front tyre I have noticed some fairly deep fine cracks into the rubber on the tyre wall.

Oh yeah, the front tube popped a couple of days after purchase around the base of the valve. I figured I had gone a bit over the top with the pump as I was trying to get it as close to it's max as I could. I bought a new tube and sorted it out myself.

I guess the main question is how much trouble should I expect to have from a recently purchased second hand bike? Should I have checked it better before purchase or am I well within my rights to take it back and ask them to sort everything out on it?

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Second hand or no, it must still be of merchantable quality and fit for purpose. From your post, it is neither. Go back to the LBS and politely request that they thoroughly inspect it and sort it properly.

The difference in tyre treads is not important, but if a chain link is broken, then get them to sort that too.

Fine cracks in the rubber are nothing to worry about. It is a sign of ageing, but provided the carcase of the tyre is sound, then all is well.


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Took it back this morning and he is going to replace the chain and give it a good going over! I can't get back to collect it until Saturday now.

All in all the various issues have knocked 2 weeks off my training. Grrr.
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