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"It would be difficult to justify a scheme which is self-funded through fines as the objective needs to be one of education and the reduction in the number of cyclists."
Haha you're right, i did chuckle.


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Lets see.

Types 'road death' into Leicester Mercury search engine......

Thursday 15th July - Motorcycle death after collision
10th July - Inquest on death of pensioner stuck by out of control van (accidental verdict!)
10th July - Leicester drivers pay out £1m in speed camera fines. Taxpayers' Alliance not happy.
7th July - Death-crash driver fails in appeal bid
1st July - Man killed after his car struck van.
29th June - Carelessness led to death of motorbiker.

You can see why cycling is such a menace!
Ah! So:
Cycle wardens 'could collect £1,500 a week'

Splendid! A simple revenue-raising measure after all.

So - if I may be so bold - could not the idea be extended? After all we have all these petrolhead sites assuring us that speed cameras are really 'revenue cameras'? Why not turn this into reality? Forget all that high-tech nonsense about actually measuring motorists' speed (after all, all good motorists know that they can drive perfectly safely at whatever speed), and accurate radar and interval photography is obviously expensive. No: take out all the high-tech gadgetry and prime the camera to ticket every - say - seventh motorist that passes it, regardless of speed. Revenue raised: job done! And the petrolheads will have to stop whingeing! :biggrin:
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