Your bike in front of a gate pics

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by briantrumpet, 17 Jun 2017.

  1. dave r

    dave r The Little Diesel

    Holbrooks Coventry
    Yes, but I don't know the story behind it, it's in Honiley Rd in a place called Beausale, a very small village.
  2. youngoldbloke

    youngoldbloke The older I get, the faster I used to be ...

    Perhaps it's Puff the magic dragon .....
  3. AyJay

    AyJay Senior Member

    Suffolk Coast
    Talking IMG_20180312_122609.jpg of dragons......
  4. AyJay

    AyJay Senior Member

    Suffolk Coast
  5. 1966 BSA, on my way to my favourite wall. The QR's kept slipping so it was a short ride
    IMGP7050.JPG ort ride.
  6. PeteXXX

    PeteXXX Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...


    In front of half of the pair of gates, Blisworth, on today’s ride.

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  7. southcoast

    southcoast Well-Known Member

    771B16C1-4018-4936-93E4-BAB65375B4F1.png Living close to the edge.
  8. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    One from this morning's ride

  9. southcoast

    southcoast Well-Known Member

    Interesting to see the different frame geometry in the last two pictures. :smile:
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  10. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    @southcoast i have just looked and yes quite a difference and it just goes to show how frame styles changed through the years , the F R Russell in my picture i think dates from either the late 50's or 60's where as your Falcon late 70's if not early 80's . One thing for sure yours looks a lot tidier than mine
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  11. Roadhump

    Roadhump Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted

    The new Triban flat bar on its first ride out yesterday - picture taken at the north end of Southport Coast Road by the gravel path that leads through to Banks Road

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  12. Your rear wheel is very close to the seat tube, you haven't much room for manoeuvre .
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  13. southcoast

    southcoast Well-Known Member

    Yes it’s a bit of a tight squeeze getting the rear wheel out past the dropouts. I tend to deflate the tyre as it makes it easier.
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  14. Aravis

    Aravis No Regret

    From today's ride - a brand new 5-bar somewhere near Alcester.


    Better than the usual gap when you're in need of a stop.
  15. Jenkins

    Jenkins Veteran

    From Felixstowe seafront this morning - a flood gate!
    Mini Beast from the East (8).jpg
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