Your bike in front of a nice/interesting tree

Paper handkerchief tree, Kennington Park, south London.


So called because of this:


Only noticed it as it was pointed out to me by a chap I got nattering to on an early evening London lockdown ride.

From China, specifically it turns out, according to wiki:

"South Central and Southwest China from Hubei to southern Gansu.
Main city in Hubei is of course Wuhan.
also known as the ghost tree apparently.
It is beautiful though - the white "leaves" starting to drop - I was told that they are only there for a very short time.


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East Kent coast

Previously posted in the 'something different' section: I passed this tree towards the end of April and it is showing autumn colours already.
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Its made of wood does this count ?
no, not even in a minor way


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The 'spooky tree'... AKA The Laund Oak. I took that photo in 2014 when the tree was just about clinging to life. You can see that it was still producing leaves then. It was thought to be over 700 years old, maybe even 800 years old, and thus one of the oldest trees in England. Unfortunately, in January 2017 it finally lost its battle - ARTICLE.

Spooky tree revisited.jpg

My friend Carrie is the tiny woman in black in that photo. By coincidence, she sent me a picture that she took a few weeks ago showing what is left of the tree now...

Laund Oak - toppled.jpg

It looks as though the landowner intends to keep it there because they have erected a symbolic barrier around it.
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