Your fave ever bike.

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There must be one that you have special memories of. Mine was my 2nd road bike, my Giant TCR ONCE - Tracy. Sadly Tracy has gone, but she lives on in my heart!

What about you? Which of your bikes do you have fond memories of?


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An old 'sun super 5'. Gold frame, six gears instead of 5 'cos I'd salvaged another back wheel, it ran, and ran, and ran with minimal work needing doing on it for years. Till I was T-boned by a van that pulled straight out into my side, bending the frame slightly.

Foolishly, I accepted them paying for a new bike and bought a mountain bike. I was young and stupid.


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:biggrin: Oh! The tears are welling-up. My first racing machine by Hobbs of Barbican. Built it up from the restored frame with the best kit I could afford.
Sold it for a song, when I married. :biggrin:


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Birmingham, UK
I had an orange BMX when I was really young that was great. I wish I could remember the model. But the all time winner was a Trek hardtail. It was the first proper bike I had as an adult. I once heard that model reviewed as the Volvo of MTBs - probably a bit mean*, but it was a confidence inspiring bike.

I've got lots of great memories of that bike:
  • First time I went clipless.
  • First time I rode over 100km.
  • First riding of proper trails.
  • First bike I learned to do maintenance on.

And it was the ONLY bike I've ever named. :biggrin:


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I have all my bikes I've ever owned save for a couple.......

No tears here, I can't face having to let them go.


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i had a diamond back mtb years ago. i gave it to my sister. it had a great paint job on it and looked really cool. god knows what she did with it. but it was the first bike i remember having to myself, coz i bought it myself. think the others were "shared" with my brother's and sisters.
SW London
My fave bike was one I had at university - an auction-bought Raleigh Module 5... a kids' bike which I converted to single speed with massive MTB handlebars.

A 7-year old would have looked too big for it let alone a 20-year old. The cranks were c.100m long so going up any gradient was almost impossible and the gearing so low that going back down led to extreme cadence.

Brings a smile to my face even now!



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A Sunbeam Rodeo 20 inch wheel single speed bike that I got for my 5th birthday. The transition from not having a bike to having a bike was much more exciting than just getting a newer, more flashy or modern bike is these days.
I love it when bikes are doing what they're designed to do really really well ie when they're performing properly, and they're being ridden to their limit. On that basis my favourite ever bike is my current all mountain bike - it's a Ventana X5 which took an absolute beating in the Alps this summer and was just superb in every way. It surprised me!!

The build is:
Rock Shox Revelation Forks
Shimano XT transmission and drivetrain
Brakes Hope Mono M4 185mm/185mm
Wheels: Mavic X317 on Chris King
Front tyre 2.5 Maxxis Minion DH Slow Reezay super tacky
Rear tyre 2.5 Maxxis Minion DH hard compound
Azonic CF1 Bars
Race Face prodigy stem and headset
Alien Carbon Seatpost
DMR V8 pedals

I love it so much!!!


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South Beds.
From the past my fave bike was my Marin Eldridge Grade. I bought it reduced for £750 (knocked £30 off coz I had cash). I fitted it with Deore XT spd'd and a Manitou 4 suspension fork (which at the time was one of the best forks on the market) and the whole bike weighed in at an impressive £25lbs.
It rode great and I loved it.....I sold it as was a newby to the world having passed my driving test and having a girlfriend to impress....with a mighty Vauxhall Nova...:biggrin:
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