Your LBS?


One a mile away from work, one half a mile from home, a brand new one halfway on the commute by the roadside and two I like in town. Not bad going I think.

Are you well served?

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One 2 miles away. this is run by a 70 year old who hasn't ridden a bike since he was 20, it's simply aweful - and that's just my view from the outside!
Two 8 miles away. It's ok, nothing special.
One 16 miles away. This being the one I work at, and is the best of the lot, hense why I work there ;)


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I go past +10 bike shops on the way to work. Nearest one to me is a mile down the road (Geoffrey Butler ;)) and i also go past de ver. Possibly two of the best LBS in south london.

Unfortunately not many near where i work, a few miles walk / tube ride to get to cycle surgery, biggest evans in london and cavendish cycles.


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One half a mile away Royles (Top end stuff but helpful) and Rick Greens two miles away in Handforth (Friendly and helpful LBS stock Raleigh, Specialized, Giant and Bianchi) Halfrauds three miles away and Decathlon about eight miles away. Three shops in Macclesfield where I work.


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Pearsons about a mile from home, excellent. Fudges in Epsom about 100m from my office, not as good. Tend to browse rather than buy there. Various others within about 5 miles, don't use

Plus Hellfrauds, obviously doesn't count ;)


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About a mile and a half away ... small old fashioned shop ... but although you can bearly swing a flea let alone a cat in it you are welcome to bring your bike in. There is often a queue of people waiting to be served on a Saturday. They don't stock the greatest range of lines but they are friendly and will try help even with advice if you are intending to do it yourself.

And then there are several other places less than 3 or 4 miles away where I got for browsing, different lines etc - I feel I am well served with LBS's.


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My lbs was falling down and the council have erected barriers right around it. There is still stock in the windows, but no one can enter, not even the shopkeeper.:wacko:
400 m from the office door. Just too handy. Bit on the expensive side but OK for emergencies. Other is about 14 miles from home. Good range, knowledgeable staff, keen pricing and always a welcome, even if you have just nipped in for a nose and to raid the bargin bin.
One in the centre of Ross, sells bike stuff and Warhammer figures :smile:. OK for innertubes and service spares but I don't think I'd buy a bike from there. Although new bikes do nothing for me anyway: the best bike shop in Ross (for my money) was "Spokes", which dealt in secondhand bikes folk had donated to them. They sold a lot of junk but occasionally you could find some really nice stuff. 531C Raleigh Record Ace frame and forks for a tenner, anyone? Sadly, it's closed now.:girl:


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Two within close walking distance, one good for low-end stuff (want a cheap wheel with a six-speed freewheel- perfect) one good for your quality MTB/ road stuff. They don't always stock what I need but can order it and I get a good discount.


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None on my commute. John Atkins Cycles in Leamington 3 miles off route.

Red Kite in Shirley. Top end stuff & pricey.
Scotts in Hall Green. Olde Byke Shoppe. Can get anything.

Mike Vaughan in Kenilworth. Spesh agent.
Fred Williams in Wolverhampton. Always does me a deal.


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Im surrounded by bike shops, I pass within about 100m of Bicycle boutique (good little dingy bike workshop ticked just out of sight) and about half a km of Harry Halls cycles each day.

The Bike Doctor is like a couple of mins ride/walk from my friends flat. Edinburgh Cycle Co-op is literally 1 min away from my friends flat. Withington cycles is also pretty close.

And Evans cycles and Gbob and the Hippy are both about a mile away from my work.


Bizarrely, when I lived in Edinburgh I had a wide selection of very good bike shops all within about 1-2 miles. Now I have moved to the country that loves bikes, bike shops seem like hens teeth. All the people I cycle with use one that is 40 km away !!! and have advised me not to use the local one (15 km away).
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