Your next cycling purchase is going to be what.


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This is mine ordering Friday.It might just might have some sunshine attached to it.All the way from Love2Pedal Kansas USA.
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My CC jersey...... shhh don't tell the mister!


I spent £££ on a garmin edge 500 yesterday :smile:
So im hoping my next cycle purchase won't be for a while...

Sadly I'm needing tyres for the commuter :sad:, my summer mitts have split :sad:, I'll probably want a hr monitor, power meter and cadence sensor for the new toy :sad:, my shoes are vastly approaching the end of their life :sad:, my rear light jumped off and shattered on a club run a month or so ago so I'll need to replace that before the nights draw in :sad:...

Bloody cycling


I have just got some Mavic brakes which I bought intending to sell on - but they would just suit my bike (another thing I bought to sell on...)


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Ditto and also...ditto
Me too me too - roll on pay day!
Well I am waiting on delivery of some new club kit (Sunderland Clarion)

But I'm also about to buy some kit for TWFRS cycle club too. Don't tell the wife!

Also in the process of sorting out my MTB, already bought new wheels, just need new gear cables inner and outer.
I ordered tri bars for my oval-shaped bars but I've got a funny feeling they are discontinued and the web site was out of date; its now been updated to that fact after I ordered :sad: so my next purchase could be new bars and tri bars but I might wait off till next year and buy something else if I need it more urgently.


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New pedals, probably mtb flats again as im comfy with them and some new ergon grips since my cheapy ones are falling apart..

Maybe one of them hideous Aldi union-jack cycling jerseys on Thursday. :eek:
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