Your Talisman Picture

My wife Gina loves her some Charlie Brown. This is her second one over the years. Even has a little orange shirt Chuck wearing a mask for Halloween. She can be a little superstitious ha ha! But maybe it helped, she finished 102 miles, her first solo century couple years back, done 4 on a tandem. 6:20 minutes. :bicycle:

Let's see yours!

Harry Potter shrunken head, from the ‘knight bus’.

Not so much a 'Talisman', if you don't count the SOS Talisman that's been round my neck for 30+ years, as just a sticker

Each one of my last few bikes, even the cyclo-cross-er, & my last MTB (2007 - 2009) gains one of these decals on its inaugural ride

It's just one of those things that you do!!
Even my car has a window sticker, from one visit there

The (unused, for 5 years +) Ridley
Circa 2010 image

Ridley. Orion. 5.JPG

'blue' Ribble
Mid 2013

Ribble. Winter. 2.JPG

Gran Fondo
Oddly, there's not a photo, of the sticker, but this was taken in 2015

Rides. Squires 2. 2.jpg

March 2017 (5 days after it arrived)

Ribble. CGR. 9.JPG

Oh!, & the CGR, also has these 2 (we'll be charitable, & call them 'talismans'?) of a cycling icon
Why?, This Is Why

Mint Sauce. Top-Tube. 2.JPG Mint Sauce. Top-Cap. 2.JPG

I'm not certain, when the stickers changed from 'Sherburn-in-Elmet' (Ridley) to 'Newthorpe' ('Blue')

Presumably they were using up old stock, rather than throw them away, after the move to new premises?
But.... in early 2017, as seen on the CGR, they stated Sherburn-in-Elmet' again

The Kingdom of Elmet, being an important part of history around that area

Barwick-in-Elmet still exists too, as a small village (very nice it is!!)
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