Yuppie! It's the police :-D

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
Not only I'm the slowest of the slow, I'm a rubbish cyclist to boot: can't corner, can't do u-turns, scared of downhill, too chicken to filter.
But, from time to time, a little devil awakens, I take chances :ohmy:
Today I was riding in rush hour on a busy road - should have taken the pavement like the others :laugh: when I'm behind a long queue of cars wanting to go straight like me, while the left turn only lane is empty.
The lights are red, will a wee bit of left filtering help me skip the queue? Will I find a gap to slot in before the lights change?
Go, slow Pat, go ... yes, there is a wee gap I can fit in, will the driver give me the look, rev his engine?
Nay, he cannae, because, with elegance, giving the driver a big smile, I place my bike in front of .... a police car! :biggrin:
Thank you Mr. Policeman :okay:


Careful with that axle Eugene
There's never a policeman around when you want one. Unless you're a belle on a bike.
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