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i bought a Hardtail for riding trails but to be honest it's murder on my old back and knees so I am thinking of a FS bike so the bike can absorb a few more of the knocks rather than me!

There are some great deals around on old 2014 stock and I've seen a LaPierre Zesty 329 with a huge discount but know nothing of the brand other than they are French!

Any thoughts on this brand or anyone had one?


How much does it cost to Oldham?
My mates got a 519. Very well put together.


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Also problems with riders' heels clouting the swing arm:

I did have a slight issue with the bike though, even after canting my SPD cleats right to the inside of my shoes, I was still catching the wide rear swing arm with my heels on descents. The chain-stays seem very wide, especially around the rear axle, and as I ride with a heel down attitude, I kept fouling on the frame which was a weird feeling, and there were plenty of scuff marks on the demo bike to show that I was not alone. This is not likely to be universal but I would certainly recommend a test ride before purchase.


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Thanks to all for the above, seems a definite try before you buy is recommended

The swing arm clearance might not bother you at all.

The frame problem is harder to weigh up, but before that happened Lapierre were known as a decent, even premium, brand.
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