Zona Zero Releases details of "Routes for Roadies" in the Pyrenees


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Ainsa, Spain
I posted this in my "Cycling B&B in the Pyrenees" thread, but I'll put it here too :-)

From Zona Zero - Ainsa, Aragon, Spain.

There are only a few weeks left until the new Zona Zero initiative comes into being!

ZONA ZERO ROAD - A project dedicated to the road bicycle . . .

After many months of work and thanks to the selfless help of a few local volunteers, without whom it would have been impossible to make any progress with this project, on the weekend of November 17-19 we will welcome "Zona Zero Road" - a project that is dedicated to the road bicycle and reaffirms the position of the region of Sobrarbe as a world center for cycling tourism.

A total of 13 routes (with many variants) will allow the lovers of the "skinny wheels" to explore Sobrarbe and its surrounding areas, but this time by road.

Taking in many towns within the Sobrabe and neighbouring regions, the valleys of Añisclo & Ordesa, or those of Chistau & Pineta are just some of the routes proposed in the Pyrenean region. The route to Alquézar passes through Biello Sobrarbe and the villages and canyons of the of the Sierra de Guara.Natural Park.

There is also a Spanish/French "cross-border collaboration" with plans for routes that cross the Pyrenees to join the Aure and Louron valleys, where you will find some of the most mythical climbs of le Tour de France, including the Col de Peyresourde, Col d'Aspin, Tourmalet and Col d'Aze.

The routes will be presented on the Zona Zero website www.bttpirineo.com with illustrative photos, maps, profiles as well as a route summary and the average gradients of the climbs.

The Route Profiles have a design that is very similar to those used for the stages of le Tour de France and have been made, just like the maps, using the free Route Editor on the "www.cronoescalada.com" website - to whom we are especially grateful for their help!

Next year will see the installation of route signs, the publication of leaflets and brochures and an upload to the web of the exhaustive profiles of each mountain climb. . . . .


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Ainsa, Spain
"Rutas Carretera de Zona Zero" (The Road Routes of Zona Zero)

Zona Zero has released details of the "Road Bike Cycling Routes" that I talked about on here a little while ago.

There are 13 Routes in all - 10 are in Spain and 3 are in France, in the district that adjoins Zona Zero to the north and with which Zona Zero is collaborating for this special project.

On the website "https://bttpirineo.com/es/road" each route has a description summary, a map, a hill profile and guide notes.

The routes are all circuits and you are able to join them at any point and "do a lap". You can also combine routes to make routes to suit yourself.

The shortest route, ZR-06, is 45km long with 1300m of climbing.
The longest route is a variation of route ZR-01 which is 189km long and has 3900m of climbing.

I'm looking forward to going out and testing them all in Spring!
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