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Pr*cks on bikes

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Becs, 3 Apr 2012.

  1. jonny jeez

    jonny jeez Veteran

    I don't really want to get into a comparison discussion but I do have to say that I think "proportionally" this is still not the case. From my own experience about 50-60% of cyclists jump red lights, around 30% ride on pavements at some point (I was stuck in a log jam last night and every single rider ...except me, just rode along the pavement or between the roadwork cones to carry on...I have footage of a similar indecent a year ago that attracted comments to this effect). That means that Half the drivers on the road would need to be breaking the law to keep their end up...this just isn't the case. You only have to watch channels like the droids to see that proportionally very few drivers do so. that's not to defend or condone those that do, its just that many, many dont.

    Your second point is made very clearly and I know is one that is shared by many, just not me. I have the opposing view that collectivly we can alter our impression by good behaviour. You dont bully BMW drivers... because you are not a bully so it is not in your nature. But I'll bet your bottom dollar you do take extra care around taxis, black cabs, mini cabs, motorcycles, van drivers and cars that have unusually loud exhausts and stereos...why...what made you "assume" these would be a problem?

    Experience did... negative experience to be accurate.

    Furthermore, if the authorities made a sterner/more visible effort to clamp down (as they are now being allowed to) this would help to educate drivers on what is right and wrong. Drivers would soon understand that cycle lanes are not mandatory, that we are allowed on the road and that riding in primary is done for a reason.
  2. Don't be silly with respect to them not being a danger to themselves and other people.

    Last night waiting in the filter lane to turn right off the Marly road into Pancras road that leads down the side of Kings X.

    Lights go green and me and another cyclist start to turn right, people at the junction crossing on Pancras road use this break in the lights to cross. I touch the brakes and slow down waiting for a safe point to go through.

    The other cyclist does not touch the brakes, actually accelerates with his finger firmly pressed on his Airzound, giving a blast 2 feet from a couple of peds legally crossing the road scaring the shoot of them.

    I catch up with him and ask him if there is any need to use his horn on peds, to which he laughed and replied ''yeah''.

    Seriously, what a self-gratification artist, it won't be long before he causes himself and/or others harm with that type of attitude towards other road users.
  3. Boris Bajic

    Boris Bajic Guest

    We can all dredge up stories of ghastly, dangerous, careless motorists - and cyclists who are the same or worse.

    I now ride regularly with my 16-year-old son and as we wind down after a piece of work the chat sometimes turns to close passes and artics slamming the door too early after a pass. Then we just simmer down and keep pedalling.

    It is horrid to be needlessly exposed to peril by the poor behaviour of another road user. Some members of this forum like to demonstrate with statistics how it is much more likely that a motorist will kill a cyclist than vice versa. I've assumed that since my age was in single figures and as a topic of thought it doesn't really have a place at the top table. I know that for some it does, but for me and many like me it is not a thing to get all 'rightfully indignant' about.

    Some cyclists are ghastly, selfish or dangerous. Some are all of those. Similarly, some motorists tick those boxes, but most are courteous and skilled.

    When I read pieces here and elsewhere that seem to have a slightly anti-cyclist or anti-motorist flavour, I cannot help but be reminded a little of the sort of objectionable anti-immigrant drivel one reads in some of the red tops. I'm not drawing a direct link, but there is something of the same odour about both.

    Many of us who have cycled, driven different classes of road vehicle and ridden motorcycles over a number of decades find this divisive view of different types of road user unhelpful.

    If you want to get cross about something, what about ivy roots? There are places where I've been digging, mattocking and ripping the roots for years and they still come back. Bastards! Heartless, rampaging, garden-ruining, tree-smothering, mortar cracking bastards!!!

    Thank you.
  4. stowie

    stowie Über Member


    I would say that speeding is endemic and most motorists do it on a regular basis - whether it is 30mph in a 20mph or 80mph on the motorway. I would wager that more than half the drivers on the A11 between Bow and Stratford are over 30mph. I would also wager that virtually everyone on the M11 slip road from the North Circular is doing much more than the posted 50mph. I know because if I try 50mph I get a log jam of vehicles behind me (the slip comes in from the right - it is a bit odd hence the lowered speed limit). Speeding is so endemic that no-one really notices except the blatent cases.

    I think that making cyclists more aware of other road-users and stopping anti-social behaviour is a good thing. I don't think it will change attitudes that much though. I have an example the other day where I was driving in a 20mph residential area with a car (normal car, normal driver) right on my tail since I was actually doing 20mph. A teenage cyclist comes up the road the wrong way (one way street) pulling a wheelie. I slow and stop. One can either assume that the 15 year old out playing with his friends in his street should be accommodated until he finds somewhere to pull over or that the motorist has an inalienable right of way and the youngster deserves to be punished. I think the former, judging by the hand gestures of the driver behind, he thought the latter. I used to think the latter as well, but changed my views when I started to cycle. We need to have motorists and society change their attitude to their road-use, and this will only happen with them.

    As cyclists, I just don't think we should beat ourselves up over others actions, or assume that their actions are the reason why things are less than ideal on our roads for us.
  5. stowie

    stowie Über Member

    And this idiot cyclist will get into a car and be exactly the same. Although I do say that we shouldn't worry about others cycling, the blasting through pedestrians really gets my goat. It is so uncivilised, and unnecessary. Not least because, as you managed, with a little bit of accommodation cyclists and pedestrians can mingle perfectly well.
  6. dawesome

    dawesome Senior Member

    Most drivers admit speeding on motorways

    As many as 61% of drivers admitted to going at speeds of 80mph or more on motorways - at least 10mph above the limit, the survey showed.
    Some 23% of motorists reached these excessive speeds at least once a week, the poll of 942 drivers revealed.


    A poll taken by road safety charity Brake, in association with Direct Line insurance has found that nearly half of drivers questioned admitted to using their mobile phone whilst driving.


    Drivers chatting on mobiles killed 11 people last year, speeding drivers killed a thousand. Cyclists killed nobody. Law breaking is rife on the roads, the real danger most certainly does not come from cyclists.
  7. jonny jeez

    jonny jeez Veteran

    See this is what I didnt want, we are now comparing motorway drivers to the daily commuter.

    My point is that cyclist, proportionally (when compared to all road users and commuters...that's car drivers, bus drivers, pedestrians equestrians, van drivers motorcyclists, scooterists, hang glidersists...everyone) and from my own experience, not govnt stats ...are the most lawless.

    Its hard (trust me) to speed when driving in the rush hour in a car you are mostly limited to crawling along at 20mph, very few drivers actually use phones when driving..so few in fact that we gasp when we spot them (which is a good thing!) and a red light jumping car driver is very rare (due to glaringly identifiable registration plates I suspect). this even takes into account the fact that...IMO... Motorcycles are the group most guilt of speeding (an offence that I want to see eradicated from our roads)

    But when ever I make this connection we get lost in a sea of comparison stat's for car drivers, we are fixated with comparing ourselves to car drivers and it stops us from bettering ourselves.

    oh and as a PS, how do you KNOW that cyclsit's killed nobody...how do you know that the actions of some imbecile jumping a red light didn't cause an accident that resulted in a fatality. As I have mentioned on another thread I've been personally involved in accidents caused by cyclists whilst on the motorbike and if I were not riding sensibly and had allowed myself enough space to anticipate such actions, it could well have ended much worse for me.
  8. Adrian

    Adrian Guru

    I really must see if I can interest Rapha in making a limited edition hair shirt.
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  9. BalkanExpress

    BalkanExpress Senior Member


    Presumably Yak hair as they must have a load on their hands at the moment.
  10. dawesome

    dawesome Senior Member

    There are more uninsured cars in this country (1.1m) than regular cyclist commuters (1m).

    Naturally I respect your own personal experience of what you see on the roads, but when you claim cyclists are the main transgressors of traffic law you're plain wrong.
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  11. dawesome

    dawesome Senior Member

    I've never heard of that happening, any actual examples?

    Drivers on mobiles are not as rare as you think, half of all drivers admit using a mobile whilst driving yet only 200,000 a year are caught and fined. The detection rate is roughly 5%. Madness.
  12. kevin_cambs_uk

    kevin_cambs_uk Über Member

    Near Cambridge

    I cycle from St Ives to Cambridge every day, the state of cycling in Cambridge is simply shocking, I am embarrassed by it, but unless the Police do something, what can u do?
  13. jonny jeez

    jonny jeez Veteran

    This is my point but whenever its raised too many of us leap to the defensive (or sarcastic in Adrians case) which is a shame as a group like ours could really make a difference if only we were in agreement.
  14. Adrian

    Adrian Guru

    I see so many instances of illegal driving on a daily basis that I am almost ashamed to admit that I have a driving licence. If I routinely heard people expressing the same I'd take your argument seriously. As it is I see no reason to beat myself for the transgressions of others.
  15. Becs

    Becs Über Member

    Surely a somewhat contradictory statement . . . . :whistle:
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  16. Adrian

    Adrian Guru

    Thank you Becs.
  17. Becs

    Becs Über Member

  18. Crankarm

    Crankarm Veteran

    Nr Cambridge
    I have seen two vehicles both being driven by young women who have been tapping away on their laptops as they drive. Yep lap tops in their ........... laps. Unbelievable. You coppers on here, stand on the Girton Road near to the junction with Histon Road just before the traffic lights and you will bag about 10 drivers driving and dialing or driving and texting within 3 minutes. It is that bad as I sometimes walk this way to and from work. Obviously wear plain clothes, in fact some of the drivers wouldn't even notice you if you had your reflective hi-viz on with a huge blue light on your heads with sirens going. It's mad this road. It could be a nice little earner for yous. The fines could pay for all those Easter Eggs .................
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  19. Crankarm

    Crankarm Veteran

    Nr Cambridge
    Students that's why. You would have thought all these brainy types would mean that they would be careful and considerate cyclists. Not likely. It's frightening that some of these muppets will some day be politicians, top scientists, doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers, engineers, senior civil servants, top army brass, even hacks. But it has improved in the last couple of years as I think Cambridge County Council and the police have done a lot of work with colleges taking responsibilty for their students being repsonsible cyclists like having lights after dark. But yes there are quite a few kamikaze cyclists in Cambridge.

    The GBW is a cycling nirvana though, apart from the horse shoot.
  20. MisterStan

    MisterStan Chief Nobber

    Stuck in a rut
    I agree with most of this, except they can't ALL be students.

    You are 100% correct about the GBW - it is a cycling nirvana, i'm happier to take my chances with the horse shoot than the poor drivers around here though.