1. PaulSecteur

    Assos toe covers

    Hi, These are a few years old, but I cant remember wearing them - though they have been stored in the shed so will benefit from a wash to freshen them up (though not dirty). I will ghet pics tomorrow. These are the close I can see on the assos site at the moment. Mine look similar, though...
  2. Buck

    SOLD Assos Climajet Breaker Jacket

    Assos Climajet Breaker Jacket Size is medium which in reality is around a 38/40inch chest and fits nicely over a long or short sleeve top This is a rain/shower jacket. It packs down nice and small and fits in your rear packet with ease. Great to have with you around this time of year when the...
  3. majorbloodnok

    Assos jerseys x 2 SOLD

    Too long for me so always tend to pick others over these. Hardly worn as a result. One has faint spots on the back - as expected with a white backed jersey. All zips okay and no pulls. View: View: View:
  4. betty swollocks

    Assos = ass on show

    I intended to ride with friends yesterday morning, but when I met up with them, I remembered I had to attend a CPR course out near Basingstoke. As they were going in the opposite direction, I was only able to ride with them for a short while, during which a rider behind pointed out my (almost...
  5. IBarrett

    SOLD Assos Climajet Breaker Jacket

    Nearly new Assos Climajet Breaker Jacket. Just bought for me but its too small so I'd say its a real world 40in chest. Although its just been washed there are a couple of tiny dirt spots, though they aren't visible when the jacket is on. £45 incl postage Pics on request unless I can fathom how...
  6. IBarrett

    For Sale. Assos Intermediate EVO Jersey in Red

    Bought for me but its too small so I'd say a real world 40in chest. Tiny white mark inside the collar which is just visible in the first picture below, otherwise its as new. £45 incl postage Photos on request unless I can figure out how to upload them, but it is the same as this...
  7. e-rider

    Assos Uno bib tights size TIR worn once £45 Posted

    As title
  8. jayonabike

    Assos iJ.tiBuru.4 insulater jacket

    Black and white Assos long sleeve top. Very warm jersey. Perfect for cold dry winter days or layer under a jacket for wet winter rides. In near perfect condition (I only wore it a few times) except 2 oil marks on the left sleeve (see pic) Size XL with the usual Assos race fit. Very well made, 3...
  9. U

    FS: Assos h.mille s7 waist shorts XXL

  10. Sandra6

    ladies assos laalalai 7 shorts

    Brand new, with box and tags. Size large. £60
  11. e-rider

    Assos Uno short sleeve jersey size TIR NEW SOLD
  12. Dave7

    Assos shorts..........are they worth the money??

    Reason for the question.............I am trying to 'up' my mileage and really need some help with the old sit bones. I used to wear Funkier shorts...........they are good for the money but I needed better. I went to Endura and managed a 70 miler OKish (my bum was quite pleased to finish :) ). I...
  13. ayceejay

    Assos Fl Mille shorts long leg

    I paid mega bucks for these shorts, they are well made with a pad designed for long rides. I wore them twice and washed them twice using Assos detergent but at size TIR they are a mille too big for me. You would need to be at least 6'3" with thighs like tree trunks for them to fit. I know people...
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