1. ianrauk

    Montague Urban or Bickerton Docklands

    Anybody have one of the above? I'm just not getting on with the Brompton so am looking for a larger wheel size folder. Montague Urban Bickerton Docklands Any other larger wheel folders I should look at?
  2. robgul

    Bickerton (not the old one)

    Bickerton Junction 1909 folding bike for sale - it's a 2016/2017 model that retails at £999 - as new but best described as "shop-soiled" - finished in brushed aluminium, with Brooks B17 copper rivet saddle. Looking for about £700 for it. Collect from Stratford-upon-Avon or may be able to...
  3. Andrew1971

    Bickerton folders the old type

    Hi All Me any other half are thinking on getting to folding bike's for holiday's searched fleabay and saw these 2 We would only do 10-15 mile's on them. and Would i fit one being 6foot. Any...
  4. daisyj

    Bickerton Junction - anyone have one?

    My employer is starting a cycle to work scheme through Cycle Solutions and I'm going to get a folder for a partial commute. I live in a hilly area and am relatively new to cycling so need the gears! I'm looking at this model...
  5. Dec66


    I saw one locked to some railings yesterday in Camberwell; I thought they made odd-looking square sided tube things, but this looked rather stylish, Brooks saddle and all. Anyone got one, and how do they compare to a Brommie?
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