Montague Urban or Bickerton Docklands


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I looked at the Bickerton to replace my Dahon Matrix when it snapped, but it looked to be a rebadged Tern. And while I know Tern isn't Dahon, the association and family connection put me off a bit.

I still preferred the look of the Bickerton to the Tern, but in the end decided it was time to stop messing about with full size folders and actually get a Brompton.

But to that end, Tern do full size folders.Including the Tern Joe (what I think the Bickerton actually is under the blue paint):

What will you be using it for? I only ask as I looked at the Montague Swiss Mountain Bike which uses the same fold as the one you're looking at and to make it fold, you have to take the front wheel out.

I see a guy on my train with a Montague and I'm pleased I discounted it, as I wouldn't much fancy taking the front wheel off twice a day when it's wet.

Others include the Airnimal - which might be an option for you as IIRC you have a longer journey where you want to go quickly. But that suffers from the same problem as the Montague in that to fold it, you have to take the front wheel off.

It is strange though how different people react to different bikes. I think I'm faster now on my Brompton than I ever was on my Dahon - or at least I'm certainly no slower. Horses for courses I guess, but i wish I'd made the move to Brompton years before I did. It's just so much better for me.
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Cheers Kell.
Luckily my train commute is not that busy with people in both directions as I'm not going into or out of central London.
The taking out the front wheel is a faff but plan is to only fold the bike if asked by a rail employee on the train.

I am still looking at other options, Dahon, Airnimal andTern included.

I just don't like my Brompton. I don't like the ride. So at the moment it's a means to an end until I get something else.


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A friend of mine did the whole of Eurovelo's 1 and 6 on a Montague without any problems.

That's all well and good Dave but it's not train commuting everyday in and out of SE London is it? :okay:


We sell Bickertons and they are well put together and fold nicely too.

Had a Montague as well but we don't sell them any more,not really one thing or another tbh.

Would definitely look at an Airnimal too.


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Wrong ^^^

I have been looking at 20" folders too and Dahon are top of my list.
I suggested Dahon because its more of a respectable brand in the cycling community but personally if I was after a 20" folding bike.

These are the models I'd be considering which offer good quality components and great value. However they are unknown brand, cheap brand and shop brand but offer good component quality and a decent spec for a great price.
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