1. Trickedem

    Bluewater anti cycling stance

    There has been a long campaign in Kent to get a signalised crossing for Ncn1. Currently cyclists and pedestrians have to take their lives in their hands crossing on a blind bend that has fast moving traffic leaving the Bluewater shopping centre. As part of junction improvements it was finally...
  2. snorri

    UK Cycle campaigning

    A critical look at one approach to cycle campaigning, and why I allowed my membership to lapse:sad:.
  3. snorri

    New campaigning voice.

    It appears British Cycling now intends to work towards encouraging utility cycling.
  4. P

    Did you vote in the recent CTC Council election?

    Comments Welcomed CTC Members HOT NEWS Please find details of the recent election in the South East Region. Rather disappointing turnout, how much support was there for the election in your area. Did your members Just forget about it? Could not be bothers? Did they not understand it...
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