cycling bags

  1. aberal

    SOLD - ORTLIEB Bikepacking Bar Bag

    Used once only, so pretty much in pristine condition except for slight scuff mark to underside (see pic). Large size 15 litres which fits my 42cm drop bars. It's this one here: Ortlieb website I have an 50cm XS frame with 650B wheels, so my bike is a little small for it (hence the scuff mark)...
  2. Pat "5mph"

    Review: Osprey Camera Bag - Medium

    I was searching for a way to have easy access to my mobile on a ride, for taking pictures on the go. After the many suggestions on this thread - thank you CC! I settled on Osprey Ultralight Camera Bag - Medium It is listed at £17 on the official site, but it can be had at around £14 in other...
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