Review: Osprey Camera Bag - Medium

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
I was searching for a way to have easy access to my mobile on a ride, for taking pictures on the go.
After the many suggestions on this thread - thank you CC! I settled on
Osprey Ultralight Camera Bag - Medium
It is listed at £17 on the official site, but it can be had at around £14 in other outlets.
It is, as described, very light, much lighter than an ordinary bumbag, makes you check periodically that it's still there!
I used the straps as intended, through the metal eyelets, across the shoulders, also I used it bum bag like with the straps trough the velcro loop at the back.
Both methods reliable (the bag won't detach), flexible (you can move the bag around your body), comfortable (the straps don't dig into your body, because they are quite narrow).
The zips is well made, operates by pulling a loop made of the same material as the straps, not flimsy.
Size: the advertised dimensions for this model are not quite correct: it said 15 cm long, my phone is 15 cm long, it won't fit, see pictures.
Not a big problem in my case, as I had another, smaller, phone with a good camera I can use.
Width: there is space left for a bunch of keys, a couple of cards an some cash if desired, I use panniers for those, so haven't tied it with the extra weight.
Waterproof: can't comment yet as it has only been used in the dry.
Would recommend for what is it's described use.
Click on the images for bigger pictures.
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