1. Tenkaykev

    RadWagon Cargo Bike review ( USA )

    I was browsing one of the Science / Technology websites that I frequent and saw this review of the RadWagon cargo bike. The site is mainly American based, and the drive motor wouldn't be legal over here but it's interesting to see E bikes being featured and reviewed. The reviewer is a cyclist...
  2. Hugh Jampton

    A review forum......?

    Hi Guys Is there any wants for a review forum on here? I have enjoyed reading Wafter's in depth review of his Croix De Fer. However, is the Projects forum the right place for it? Currently furloughed and constantly riding my Gravel Bike, I purchased a few months ago. I am brimming with a need...
  3. ozboz

    London Ride 2020 ...under review by Surrey Council

    Just been on BBC News, the event may not go ahead , through Surrey anyway , shame
  4. Grendel

    Montague Paratrooper Pro 2017 Review

    Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike The Paratrooper Pro by Montague is the upgraded version of the Montague Paratrooper folding mountain bike (reviewed HERE). The original is more basic, and in line with its military heritage comes in olive green. This version still has 26″ wheels and comes in...
  5. johnnyb47

    Livall Smart Helmet BH60SE review

    Hi again. About a month ago I considered buying the above Helmet and asked what you thought about it. I got a mixed reception on it, and my curiosity finally got the better of me and took the plunge and bought one. They usually retail around the 100 pounds mark, but Halfords were doing a...
  6. tom73

    Electric folding bike review

    Maybe helpful for some.
  7. PeteXXX

    CS11 judicial review

    Londoncentric post, but just got an email from TFL. Swiss Cottage to West End CS11 work was due to start this month, but has been delayed due to a judicial review. TFL link
  8. Pat "5mph"

    Review: Osprey Camera Bag - Medium

    I was searching for a way to have easy access to my mobile on a ride, for taking pictures on the go. After the many suggestions on this thread - thank you CC! I settled on Osprey Ultralight Camera Bag - Medium It is listed at £17 on the official site, but it can be had at around £14 in other...
  9. Biking4Heart

    Garmin 820 - Review please

    I have been considering the Garmin 820 for the purpose of helping my rides to get myself healthier and have some basis to my progress. Went looking for posts on here for the Garmin 820... What I find is.... More posts getting rid of it than using it. So, My question...For the people that...
  10. night cycler

    Pro bike tool-portable mini floor pump review.

    Credit to Steveindenmark for originally bringing this item to my attention (thank you Steve). First impression is good. It seems robust in it's construction. Small enough to fit in my saddle bag, safe from the elements. A bolt on bracket with velcro strap to mount it on the frame with the...
  11. Randomnerd

    Cioch Direct Windshirt - Review

    At a time when many will be bargain-hunting and as I try to keep my head above the general fog of commercialization – no, I won't be replacing my sofa this January, thank you – I thought I would put in a word for “bespoke”. I'll use a real-world cycling example in a minute, but just let me...
  12. rivers

    Sublime Zoku- Review

    Back in mid-July I purchased a new road bike, a Sublime Zoku. Sublime are a small company, local to Bristol, who specialise in custom build bikes (colour, groupset, wheels, etc. A bit like Ribble and Planet X). The bike I purchased was originally ordered by someone else, who decided it wasn't...
  13. Johnno260

    Garmin UT800 review

    I’m not one for writing reviews so apologies in advance. I have struggled with finding the “right” front light for me for ages, I tried some Moon branded lights, Cateye and Lezyne but I was never happy for various reasons, poor light, awful battery life, position on the bars the list goes on...
  14. D

    Can a bad TripAdvisor review constitute libel?

    One Tunbridge Wells restaurant owner clearly thinks so. Apologies for the source: Threatened with jail - just for writing a bad restaurant review on TripAdvisor Clearly neither he nor his legal advisors are familiar with the Streisand Effect.
  15. jefmcg

    It seems you can't reply directly to a Google Maps review

    ... unless anyone here knows how? From the Box Hill page on google maps ... oleva wing ★ a week ago Very beautiful area. The problem is we have had to stop going to Box Hill because of the huge number of cyclists. Unless you have nerves of steel it is really scary trying to overtake them on...
  16. E

    Schwinn Admiral Review

    I bought this at a discounted price (£112) from Wiggle, and with an extra voucher code I got 10% off. I then got a call from Wiggle to say they'd found a little cracked paint around the bottle cage holder, so gave me a £25 voucher. The bike is no longer available but I have seen it in Argos...
  17. Newman8

    Clement Strada review (vs Veloflex, etc)

    Bit of tyre advice required - Clement Strada vs Veloflex Master vs anything else, (700c x 23mm), tan wall preferred, but all black acceptable. But first - a long term review of Clement Strada LGG 700c x 25mm, tan wall, 60TPI: Need to replace these now as centre tread on rear tyre is worn &...
  18. MadoneRider1991

    Scott E-Scale 720 Plus 2017 Review

    Hi Guys, I was pretty lucky to be able to test the new E-Spark 720 Plus, Here is a video of my thoughts, View: Cheers Joe
  19. al3xsh

    Cube attain sl disc - 1000 mile review

    I have now had my cube attain sl disc for 3 months and have done nearly 1000 miles on it - so here are my thoughts. Cube Attain SL disc - 2 by al3xsh posted 16 May 2016 at 18:35 Firstly I should state that this is my first "proper" road bike so I have limited experience to compare it to. Prior...
  20. mustang1

    Focus Mares review

    My bike was recently involved in a hickup, aka a crash, so it's gone now. I figured I'd write a little review about it. In 2012 I took my road bike to the LBS for servicing where they had the Focus Mares AX3.0 on sale. Since my previous CX bike was stolen, I figured I could do with a...
  21. thunderlips76

    btwin ultra 740 cf review

    anyone know anything about the btwin ultra 740 di2. i can't find any reviews.
  22. goo_mason

    XuanWheel X1 Colorful Bicycle Wheel Spoke Light

    Make and model: XuanWheel X1 Colorful Bicycle Wheel Spoke Light Please note that I was sent this light by GearBest in exchange for an honest review, which is supplied below. Click here to buy Supplier: GearBest Manufacturer’s description: “XuanWheel X1, a programmable bicycle light that...
  23. biggs682

    BASECAMP BC-522 Lycra Review

    Today for the first time in my life I was a Mamil . Also, for the first time since I rode a bike in my teenage years I wore padded cycling shorts, so as you can see it's been a day of new and old experiences . The Lycra shorts and shirt were supplied by GearBest for me to evaluate and...
  24. goo_mason

    Topeak Wedge Drybag (Medium / 1ltr) review

    Topeak Wedge Drybag (Medium / 1ltr) Please note that I was sent this saddlebag by GearBest in exchange for an honest review, and I ran with it on my bike during my daily commutes in all Edinburgh weathers for three weeks to give it a good shakedown before writing this. Link to buy: Topeak...
  25. goo_mason

    ROCKBROS T6 Cree 3-Mode 1200LM Bike Light review

    Rockbros USB Bike Light Please note that I was sent this light by GearBest in exchange for an honest review, and I ran the light on my bike during my daily commutes in all Edinburgh weathers for three weeks to give it a good shakedown before writing this. Link to buy: Rockbros USB Bike...
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