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  1. ... unless anyone here knows how?

    From the Box Hill page on google maps ...

    oleva wing
    ★ a week ago
    Very beautiful area. The problem is we have had to stop going to Box Hill because of the huge number of cyclists. Unless you have nerves of steel it is really scary trying to overtake them on the road leading up to Box Hill. This is because it is very narrow and has extremely sharp bends which you cannot see around. Very stressful. It's sad as we have been here for many years but it's not worth the anxiety regarding the cyclists.

    Yes, god forbid you have to travel at less than the speed limit on the 1 1/2 mile trip to the top of Box Hill, a road with beautiful views that your family can enjoy for the ten minutes (15 if you are stuck behind a cyclist as slow as me) that you carefully follow the cyclists up the hill.

    Or park at the hamburger place at the bottom and walk up, and really enjoy the natural beauty. It's a nice walking path, and one day I will leave my bike at the bottom and use it instead.

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    Don't be ridiculous - every motorist knows that that is a physical impossibilty! :whistle:
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  3. OMG, you are making me derail my own thread.

    Years ago, when I had only been living in London for about a year, work sent me to Las Vegas. I'm a city girl, but London (under the Heathrow flight path with Concorde twice a day) is draining, and Vegas is like hell to me.

    So on my day off, I hire a Mustang (convertible!) and drive into the desert. I got to a national park, take selfies with ... mustangs - ok, wild ponies, but still. Park up, and follow a trail into the wilderness. Commune with nature, enjoy the silence, think about the original inhabitants and the settlers who abandoned that house. It takes a few hours, but I experience a strange peace for the first time in months.

    But - argh! - I have to get back to the team dinner, so I to head back to the car, and then to the "strip". The last kilometre or so to the carpark is drivable, so I pass two SUVs heading in. The second stops, and winds down their window and asks "Do you have a flat tyre". Oh, no. They were American. "Do you have a flat tire?" "No", I replied, "Are you looking for someone who has a flat?" "No, we were just wondering why you were walking". I thanked them and walked on. I had just opened my soul and communicated with ten thousand years of history. And they couldn't even understand why I would step out of my car, if I had a choice.
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    I was telling Littgull on today's ride about someone who lived at the end of a local terrace of about 10 houses. At the end of the street there was a corner shop. Every day, a man used to walk out of his front door, get into his car and drive to the shop. He'd get out of the car, buy his paper/cigarettes/crisps/whatever, then get back into his car and reverse back to his house! :wacko:

    That seems so crazy that I wonder if it was actually a very subtle joke that just went on for years and years ... :whistle:

    Oh, and you have just reminded me of arriving at the car park at the end of Haweswater Reservoir in the Lake District. It was a beautiful sunny day and the car park was full of tourists in their cars. Some were just sitting there listening to their car radios. Some more adventurous ones had left their cars to enjoy picnics in the fresh air. The fresh air of the car park! They hadn't even bothered to use a nearby stile to get over the wall and into the fields on the other side, let alone follow the wonderful path that I walked up with my companions. They'd laid blankets out next to the cars and were sitting on them! It only took us a few minutes to gain hundreds of feet of elevation and discover stunning Lakeland views. We could hear the distant sound of music from the cars below us, and watched the little ant people hanging about down there in or around their cars ...
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    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    You could always write your own review and get a load of random internet cyclists to mark it as useful....

    Something like:

    Very beautiful area. The problem is the huge number of motorists. Unless you have nerves of steel it is really scary hoping they don't overtake you unsafely on the road leading up to Box Hill. This is because they are extremely impatient and the road has extremely sharp bends which you cannot see around. Very stressful. It's a perfect place for cycling so it's very sad that some motorists can't cope and drive safely.
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    Exellent work Sir ..
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    I recall days out in the lakes as kid. If it wasn't a stroll around Heyes Garden World it was a picnic in a car park. My nana would perch on the open car boot with a loaf of bread, a tub of marge and numerous fillings, making sandwiches to order whilst the grown-ups sat and chatted either in or leant against the cars whilst we played in and around the car park. It was only when i was old enough to take myself to the lakes did i actually discover them.
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    [QUOTE 4798938, member: 259"]Duly liked![/QUOTE]

    That's the spirit :okay:

    Have a like back for your like on my comment about likes
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    Duly liked - up to 18 likes now !
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