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    I’m not one for writing reviews so apologies in advance.

    I have struggled with finding the “right” front light for me for ages, I tried some Moon branded lights, Cateye and Lezyne but I was never happy for various reasons, poor light, awful battery life, position on the bars the list goes on.

    I recently decided this autumn/winter I would spend a little more and try and find a light I was pleased with, my first plan of action was the Garmin Varia HL 500, but after seeing one it was a brick of a light, quite expensive as well.

    I noticed the Garmin UT800 was about to be released and decided to give it a try, reason I wanted to try this was partly the mounting, also that it pairs with an Edge device, mine is a 520 and the speed from the computer controls the beams intensity go faster it projects the beam forward more and makes it brighter, slower and the beam is pulled back and dimmed, I believe the better devices use ambient light as well to control the beam.

    It’s a little slimmer than my old Lezyne 800 (see attached pictures) the position is far better, the Lezyne was a pain for me on the bars slipping and messing with cable runs etc

    Setup was easy, exchanged the old Garmin mount for the reinforced one, charged the light and paired it to my Edge all this was rather easy and straight forward, I am a serial techno-noob so this was a plus for me.

    I setup the beam angle on my drive to make sure it wasn’t going to dazzle anyone beforehand as well.

    I have done two dark rides now, and I’m very impressed so far, I haven’t had to re-adjust this at all, the self-adjusting beam intensity I feel is very good and very responsive, I tried slowing down and speeding up and it reacted very well to my changing speeds, the light is fantastic (see attached pic) this was an unlit road using an IP7 phone with no flash. Also I have had no cars flashing me complaining about lights etc

    Also the angle I have the beam at seems ideal for obviously seeing the road ahead, but also it seems to be picking up the edges of the potholes nicely.

    I was initially worried about the 1.5hr expected battery life at 800 lumen setting, but with the beam changing with the speed on a 1hr ride I used just under 25% of the battery (strava ride attached for example) also compared to my Lezyne light it’s a comparable battery life.

    To sum up, this wasn’t cheap, but I don’t feel I was ripped off, I’m totally happy with this purchase I feel more secure than before riding in the dark, I feel using the better Garmin devices may further enhance this light also the touch screen devices mean if you want to force the light to a certain intensity it’s easier then pressing the button on the side of the light, I’m very impressed and happy with this purchase, and I would recommend it to others.

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    No they're not cheap, but I have no hesitation in recommending this.

    I don't tend to do much night time riding, but in daylight mode it's brilliant. Literally.

    One feature that I have found a real benefit is riding into unlit tunnels - the light automatically switches to full beam.
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