1. L

    Wahoo Bolt or Garmin Edge 520 Plus ?

    Which unit is better? I know they both offer the same thing pretty much... so perhaps looking for an answer who owns both. The main thing is the performance... lag-free and doesn't crash or corrupt files.
  2. Jamieyorky

    Garmin 1030 Postcodes?

    Hi everyone, A friend at work has a Garmin 1030 and is unable to add a postcode to where he needs to go. I've had a look into it and even I don't understand it, I only use a 500 so I don't know much about them. Anyone got the same and could tell us how to do it ? Thanks,
  3. gavroche

    Garmin Edge 820.

    I am considering getting one for my Christmas present. It is a good price at Halfords at £150 , not including my 10% off with B.C so £135! ^_^ If you use one, what are your views on it? Is it easy to set up, reliable and long lasting battery? Does it come with European maps loaded or just UK?
  4. antnee

    Will Garmin hub speed sensor be affected by Magnet in turbo trainer

    As I'm unable to get out on the road these last two months I borrowed a Turbo trainer from my son I have a Garmin Edge 800 with speed sensor on the rear wheel hub and a cadence sensor on the crank The cadence sensor works ok but no speed shows. Or when I uploaded details from the Garmin after...
  5. MrGrumpy

    Garmin Connect

    It looks to me without a cycling power meter there isn`t much useful information to gleen from the app, compared to any running I do. For example no V02 max from any cycling activity. Running I get some feedback right away and can see some improvements albeit small gains. A wee bit of a let down...
  6. Alsajosora

    Garmin Edge 520 *Price Drop*

    Hi all, For sale as follows, having just got myself a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt this is now surplass to requirements!!! 1 X Garmin Edge 520 (has screen protector on already but will come with two spares) 1 X Garmin GSC10 speed/Cadence sensor (Well used but fully functional) to include wheel magnet...
  7. PeteXXX

    Privacy, and what we put out there on Garmin, Strava etc.

    Interesting article (to me, anyway) regarding privacy with FIT files, Garmin, Strava etc. from a running site, but equally pertinent here. ~Privacy article~
  8. Racing roadkill

    Interesting thing on Garmin Connect

    I have a Garmin connect app on my phone. It gives me several bits of info. Most of it I don’t really know what it is, or care that much. However, this was quite interesting. Fitness age? I’ve never heard of it before. But it’s 25 years younger than I am, which sounds good :laugh:
  9. Tom B

    Garmin 820 how bad in the wet?

    I'm looking to replace my Garmin 520 which was stolen in April from in what is supposed to be secure building where the staff who have access are supposed to be the ones stopping theft.... Not that I'm still bitter. Anyways.... I've given up hope of it being returned or "found". The annoying...
  10. cyberknight

    Garmin edge 200 + 500

    selling my old garmin 200 and 500 The 200 had a new battery but sound not connected so it doesn't beep ,im sure if you have more nimble fingers you could do it assuming you have the right tool to open it. the 500 works fine ( recorded the 100 + we did the other week ) includes a rubber cover...
  11. Dave7

    My Garmin switched itself off mid ride. Any ideas why?

    Its a fairly basic model (200 edge?). It was on approx 50% charge when at 12 miles it beeped and switched off. I immediately re-started it and was able to "resume" my ride. The whole ride was 28 miles and it behaved the remainder of the way. Its never done it before and never given me any...
  12. G

    Garmin Edge 820 Performance Bundle

    Selling Garmin 820 Performance Bundle. garmin 820 no marks or scratches as new condition. great bit of kit a bit too advanced for me. full color maps e.t.c heart rate monitor and belt. speed sensor cadence sensor both have only been used indoors on turbo trainer Garmin out front bracket x2...
  13. cyberknight

    garmin edge 520 or 820 or garmin touring ?

    do they come with maps and which one has a bigger screen ? bonus from work :smile:
  14. Saluki

    Garmin vivoactive 3 smart watch for sale

    I am selling my Garmin vivoactive 3 as I honestly prefer my Garmin Edge unit to the watch. Watch was bought mid July this year and barely used. Nothing wrong with the watch at all, it works perfectly well but it’s just not my thing, as it turns out. Asking £120 for it, posted to mainland uk, or...
  15. C

    SOLD: Garmin Edge 25 GPS Cycling Computer

    Garmin Edge 25 GPS Cycling Computer Used item but working. Comes with everything as shown in the picture Looking for £35 Located near Alfreton J27 of M1 or can post for a small fee
  16. C

    Sold: Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor & Strap

    For Sale Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor & Strap Purchased in May but has only been used a few times. Looking for £15 or nearest offer Located near Alfreton J28 of M1 or can post for a small fee
  17. Phaeton

    First Garmin Screw up after 6 years

    Had my Garmin 800 almost 6 years, never had an issue with it until this morning, I was riding along & noticed that the usual screen wasn't on & it said some about auto-power off press here or something else to press here. Unfortunately before I had time to read what it said it powered off, so...
  18. Phaeton

    Unable to update Garmin Auto Sat Nav

    Having an argument with Garmin, bought a Sat Nav that had free map updates for life, it's now stopped updating as Garmin Express claims it can't see the unit. I have a Mac which Garmin support, can't see the unit, I have Windows which Garmin support, can't see the unit. But I also have Linux...
  19. bruce1530

    Garmin 810 repair - successful

    I have a Garmin 810, which I bought second hand. Not long after getting it, the touch screen started to fail. I sent it back to Garmin for their “fixed price repair” thing, and they swapped it for a refurbished unit - £69+VAT, so about £82 in total. That was 18 months ago. A few weeks ago, it...
  20. livpoksoc

    Garmin Vivoactive 3?

    I have a vivosmart HR+ and have had so for several years now, absolutely love it - esoecially that it sumyncs pretty seamlessly with my edge 520. Of late the battery has started to go and only lasting a few days without charge. I have just seen the Vivoactive 3 is on amazon for £129. Is it a...
  21. Hicky

    Garmin edge 800 has frozen....

    Help My garmin has froze, the last remaining image is displaying but nothing is working or responding. I've tried to press both reset and start/stop at the same time, nothing. arrrggghhh.
  22. Milkfloat

    Garmin Edge 520 - SOLD

    Boxed Garmin Edge 520 including brand new mount, tether and charging cable. I have installed a map for the whole UK, so you are free to go wherever your heart takes you. It is free and easy to add maps for other areas too. £90 plus delivery or you are welcome to pick up from Warwick.
  23. johnnyb47

    The high cost of a Garmin or a cheap phone

    Hi. Ive been using my Garmin edge 25 for a good year and unfortunately the battery is struggling to last on my longer rides. Overall its been good, but does get a little temperamental from time to time when uploading my rides. Looking at the other offerings that garmin sell they do come in quite...
  24. Sunny Portrush

    Garmin 520/Wahoo Bolt/Smartphone using Strava app

    I have a Garmin Edge 25 and think it`s a great wee unit, it`s never let me down and gives me everything I want. The problem is with me and my failing eyes! So, I`m thinking of upgrading but which is best for me? I only really want speed, distance and time with a facility to load and follow a...
  25. Sunny Portrush

    Garmin Edge 25

    Selling price £75 or nearest sensible offer! I`m having to give into old age! This is a great wee piece of kit and it`s never given me any problems at all. In fact, the only reason why i`m selling it is that because I need reading glasses these days otherwise I wouldnt be selling it! I need a...
  26. Johnno260

    Garmin 820 Edge

    I have started using a Garmin Edge 820 but I'm having issues with the live track. In my IOS Bluetooth I see: BT_Edge 820 Edge 820 The top one doesn't seem to auto connect so I think this is the issue with my live track failing? I have re-installed the device several times, and removed it...
  27. jay clock

    How to load new maps for the USA onto Garmin 1030 Edge

    I have a Garmin 1030 Edge that came with maps installed for Europe and I have never had to do anything. I am now in Seattle and can live without them but trying to see how to download free OSM maps onto the device. Only need Washington state and British Columbia. The Garmin does not have an...
  28. roadrash

    Garmin problems

    Is anyone else having problems with garmin connect, tried to download a ride this morning and just got a blank screen , after loads of faffing about decided to uninstall garmin connect but when I go to garmin website that also is a blank screen, anyone any ideas what im doing wrong :wacko::wacko:
  29. bluezelos

    Garmin not showing correct cycle journey distance

    First time I have had this problem. Garmin Edge 820 explore has just shown a total journey distance of 5 miles when the journey is in fact 15. It also shown my average speed at 8mph when it's always around 15. Totally out of sync, any ideas why this is happening. It was a dull and overcast day...
  30. onb

    Garmin Advice needed

    Im going to the Netherlands cycle touring and have purchased a Garmin Edge Explore for route finding . Will it send me along the Dutch cycle routes by default or is there a way I can set it up to do this .
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