1. G

    For Sale: Garmin Fenix 6X Pro now with photos

    I’ve got a Fenix 6X Pro for sale, 51mm version. It’s only 3 months old and in mint condition. I won’t be able to add photos until Thursday but thought I’d put it up to gauge interest. Asking £300 because as I say it’s not that old
  2. smokeysmoo

    [FS] Garmin Fenix 6 Pro GPS Watch

    Having changed my allegiance to Apple, (long story, of which necessity played it’s part), my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro GPS watch is now surplus to requirements. I bought it brand new last year, and it’s only really been used as a watch, and whilst on my Wattbike, so it’s not been hammered and thrashed...
  3. mikeIow

    SOLD: Garmin Edge 200

    Since moving to Wahoo, I have little need for my old Garmin Edge 200 (indeed, last ride shows 10th November 2020!) Looks like I did a total of 93 rides, 245hrs, just under 1,600 miles....could do better, eh! Keeping the bar fitting (mostly 'cos it is on a bike I have a long way away from here...
  4. mattobrien

    Garmin mounts & Speed sensors

    I’m having a bit of a clear out and it turns out I had become a serial mount and sensor buyer. The following are for sale. I have photos of everything which I can send if wanted, just message me/feel free to ask questions about anything. Postage is £2 per item (if bought singularly, if you want...
  5. SydZ

    SOLD: Garmin Varia Vision In-Sight Display

    Hi, For sale is my Garmin Varia Vision In-Sight Display. It’s in very good condition and comes boxed with two mounts and a good selection of bands to secure mount to your glasses. The Vario Vision connects to any supported Garmin Edge cycle compute and provides up to 4 programmable data...
  6. The Rover

    Sold - Garmin 735XT multi sports watch

    Afternoon. Im selling my Garmin 735XT, it’s in excellent condition and comes with two charges, spare straps and some screen protectors. The battery life is excellent and I’ve reset it to the factory defaults. Price is £95 posted. Thanks Stuart.
  7. G

    Garmin 6 Pro

    So I’ve upgraded to a Garmin 6 X Pro and have my 6 Pro for sale. Good condition with 3 straps and I’m looking for £200. It cost me £549 about 18 months ago
  8. fraz101

    Garmin express fails to download

    Trying to download Garmin Express to my windows 7 laptop but it keeps failing. Saying it could not be installed to this computer I’ve searched Google and also worked through the troubleshooting on Garmin website but still no joy. Anyone with any experience of this issue ?
  9. fraz101

    Garmin speed/cadence sensor

    Hi guys i picked up a used garmin edge 500 on eBay, it came with the GSC10 cadence/speed sensor. However it appears the speed sensor doesn’t work, it should flash green when passing the spoke magnet which it doesn’t. My question is, should this matter too much as the garmin will pick up my...
  10. steveindenmark

    Garmin 1030 users

    I have bought a Garmin 1030 to act as a backup to my Wahoo Bolt. Setting up a Wahoo Bolt is a doddle in comparison to a Garmin. Is there anyone in the group who uses a garmin 1030 on a regular basis? I would appreciate some advice regarding settings when making my own routes with RWGPS.
  11. cyberknight

    garmin gsc 10 sensor

    has anyone got one of these please ? getting my turbo set up for when im allowed to start rehab or would a cheap sensor off ebay work ok with me edge 800?
  12. gavroche

    Garmin Edge 820 strange behaviour.

    Something strange happened to my Garmin when I went for a ride , late this morning. The temperature was 6.5 degrees and after a few minutes into my ride, my Garmin screen went off. I turned it on again but the same thing happened a few minutes later. I know the battery was still charged so I...
  13. bikingdad90

    Garmin forerunner 35

    I am selling my forerunner 35 as I am upgrading to a vivoactive. £45 posted. In full working order, holds a good weeks charge when not used in GPS mode. In good condition with only a few surface knocks from daily use around the edge. Thanks
  14. Spiderweb

    Garmin Edge 1000 - How to change the time?

    I’ve never had to change the time on my Garmin when UK clocks go forward/back as it usually does this automatically, unfortunately this hasn’t happened this time and the clock is an hour out. Does anyone know how I can change this? Thank you in advance.
  15. Sturmey_Hub

    Garmin and Strava

    Can anyone advise me please. Even though my Garmin account states that it is synced to Strava, it is not updating on Strava. Of course, I only have the 'free' version of Strava.
  16. bikingdad90

    Garmin mount

    Hi, I am in need of a Garmin Mount for my GPS. Has anyone got one they would be willing to part with?
  17. A

    Garmin Explore battery

    Hi guys, I have a Garmin Explore which I bought used of one of the guys on here. This has been my first cycling gps, which I have been pleased with. My main use has been to plan routes on my pc then transfer them and follow them on my ride. So far I have only used it locally which has been great...
  18. P

    Garmin Venu Watch - Sold

    Used Garmin Venu for sale. Used but still in great condition - regular wear and tear apparent. Was my daily watch for 6 months or so but has been replaced by a Huawei GT2 Pro. Being a daily wearer has picked up a couple of marks. Was used with a screen protector which I've just removed but a...
  19. nickg

    Garmin Edge 1000 explore

    Garmin Edge 1000 explore Comes with out front mount, 1 speed sensor and 1 cadence sensor, remote control and 2 silicone cases. Also has plenty of rubber bands to secure sensors. Unit holds charge. Never been dropped. Also has a screen protector fitted since new. Unit has been reset to factory...
  20. M

    Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS watch

    Garmin Forerunner 620 with charger. Compatible with HRM, ANT+ accessories, Garmin Connect app etc. Only selling due to upgrading to a Tri watch. In good condition. £60 posted.
  21. The Rover

    SOLD - Garmin vivoactive 3 GPS smart watch ( cycling, running, swimming, etc etc)

    Afternoon. I’m selling my garmin watch which I’ve owned from new, comes with the original box and charger. The battery life is fantastic and it’s in excellent condition. No marks, scratches etc and I’ve reset it to the factory defaults. Good for cycling, running, swimming and so on. The spec...
  22. Mark Grant

    Garmin Edge 1000 repair / service

    Has anyone returned their Garmin for service or repair? If so how did it go? My Edge 1000 has a couple of problems, the power button is dodgy and so is the micro USB connector, it is a pain to make and maintain a connection to my PC. Apart from that it functions fine. I have Emailed Garmin and...
  23. cyberknight

    garmin edge explore navigation question

    If i am riding all day can i switch the device off at the cake stop then restart it . will it continue the ride as if i had paused it and will it continue following the route ? asking as i am planning a 110+ mile ride at the end of august and i am thinking of battery life
  24. livpoksoc

    Open Maps instead of Garmin?

    So I gave in and bought a new Edge 530 as an upgrade from my ailing 520. Thinking back to when I first got my 520, I seem to recall downloading some Open Maps because it gave better detail than the pre installed maps from Garmin. The limit being it would only cover a certain geographical area...
  25. Spinney

    Garmin Edge 200

    I lost mine! (Stupid Spinney). Having seen the prices of the current 'basic' models, and also the increased complexity (which I neither need nor want), I'd much rather replace it with another one the same. So if you've upgraded and have an old Edge 200 languising somewhere, I'll gladly give you...
  26. taximan

    Are Garmin in short supply

    My touch 25 stopped working recently and I am looking to replace it with something similar, but I am having trouble locating a device unless I am prepared to pay silly money. My plan B is to have the old unit repaired but it has had a hard life so perhaps that would not be worth while. I bought...
  27. kingrollo

    Garmin Edge Explore battery indicator ?

    Been getting very poor battery life from my edge explore. But now it seems to have gone to the other extreme! Last night did a 2 hour ride - HRM - and Varia radar lights running. This morning switched on garmin to check charge showing 99% . I am wondering if this has been the problem all along...
  28. cyberknight

    Garmin edge 500

    for sale garmin edge 500 with garmin mount and cable for charging /upload ( you will need an adaptor usb plug as its just the cable ) Kept for a long time and not used till my 200 went kaput then used again for commuting for a week , battery life lasted a week of commuting and the unit worked...
  29. roadrash

    Garmin Edge 500 boxed

    selling for a friend, garmin edge 500 boxed in good condition , good battery life, comes boxed with out front mount ,charging lead, all manuals and cd, please see photos. price is £55 posted, or feel free to collect if you are anywhere near wigan.
  30. Norry1

    Garmin Edge 820 - Battery Life

    I have a Garmin Edge 820 which in most respects I quite like. However, the battery life, which was never great, has reduced to around 4 hours or even less in some circumstances. Does anyone know how to replace with a longer life battery? I have a separate power pack I can take with me - but I...
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