1. simon the viking

    New Toy! (No not a bike...) Garmin VivoActive 4

    Just treated myself to a Vivoactive 4... This purchase wasn't anywhere on the radar a week ago. In fact earlier in the week I ordered a new strap for my Fitbit Blaze. We are working mad busy at work (independent DIY retail... phone orders collection on door) with half the staff furloughed due...
  2. Polite

    Wahoo Elemnt v Garmin Edge Explore?

    I am a touring cyclist (steel frame, panniers etc) but do plenty of miles and different routes. I'm not interested in power meters and the like but would like good navigation, smartphone connectivity and a decent battery life that doesn't rely on or drain the phone. Which of the two would you...
  3. bikingdad90

    Garmin edge touring with out front mount and 3 stem mounts

    I am selling my Garmin Edge Touring which comes with an out front mount and three stem mounts for fitting to other bikes. There is also a black silicone cover for the GPS. All accessories are genuine Garmin I can’t get on with it and would like to raise funds to try out a Wahoo Bolt or the new...
  4. Mark1978

    Wanted : Garmin Vector 3s power meter pedals or alternative

    Looking for the cheapest set of power meter pedals i can get my hands on so that i can hook the wife's spin bike up to zwift. Vector 3 preferred as they are SPD-SL but any others considered.
  5. R

    Garmin Cadence and Speed Sensor

    Hi, I had lost my speed sensor on a ride a while ago and hadn't tried to use the cadence sensor for a while anyway, as I was mostly commuting to work only and didn't see much point in using my Garmin 500 or Strava on my phone either. The current situation has given me more time at the weekends...
  6. smokeysmoo

    First Class CS from Garmin..................

    Being a hamfisted bugger with the mechanical sympathy of an ape, I managed to over tighten the GARMIN outfront mount on my Marin and subsequently pull the bolt through the plastic :crazy: I decided I could fettle it but didn't know the size of the bolt, so I emailed Garmin to ask the question...
  7. J

    Garmin livetrack problems, again

    Hi All These problems seem never ending! Livetrack starts automatically when I start and sends email to the recipient. Recpient opens email to get map with this message, 'page will update automatically when location data is available'. It does not then track the ride. Can anyone advise please?
  8. nickg

    Garmin edge plus accessories

    Good afternoon, I've a garmin edge 1000 touring. I've also got cadence and speed sensor, both of these strap on with the rubber bands around the pedal arm and the rear wheel hub. These are currently on my mtb. Now I'm hoping to get a road bike so I want to also use my garmin on that. Can i get...
  9. johnnyb47

    Garmin 820 question

    Hi, Hope you're all keeping well. I don't know if anyone here would know but my Garmin 820 has got a good few rides under its belt now. I've saved them all to Strava and Garmin connect but the ride history is slowly mounting up on the 820s head unit. Can i delete these safely to free up the...
  10. smokeysmoo

    Garmin Watch Handlebar Mount Question

    I've been using Garmin computers, (currently a 520), with a Garmin outfront mount for a number of years and I'm perfectly happy with them. Trouble is I only went and bought a Garmin Fenix 5X watch a few weeks ago, and now I'm getting back into some cycling as well I've got entirely one too many...
  11. The Central Scrutinizer

    Garmin Edge 130 Question

    The rubber weather cap which protects the usb port on the garmin edge 130 has come off and i can't get it back into the little hole which it goes into.Has this happened to anyone else.?
  12. S

    Garmin 800 sunlight issues

    I realise it a silly question, but at one point on a ride I could not see the screen at all. I mean its small as it is and it was so bright I simply got lost. Any ideas on how to resolve this? thanks sam
  13. gazza81

    Garmin 520

    Is there a way to set it to auto play/record after pressing pause? I lost about 5 miles on my ride today because i forgot to un pause it 😞
  14. Venod

    Lezyne Macro GPS v Garmin 520

    On today's ride there was a rider approaching who turned right onto a lane which is a Strava segment, I turned left onto the same segment about 10 yards behind him, it was going South so we had a bit of a tail wind, it was 0.33ml by the time we got to the end of the segment I was on his rear...
  15. Thedane

    Garmin Edge 810 - NOW SOLD

    Selling my Garmin Edge 810. Excellent condition and has always had a silicon protective cover. Still got very good battery life and has been factory reset so is ready to use. Included in the sale; 810 unit, protective silicon cover, extra long USB charger cable and original box with...
  16. Spartak

    SOLD : Garmin Edge 705

    £75 Inc UK postage. Great GPS unit, only selling as I've upgraded. Routes can be loaded via Garmin Connect. Excellent battery length (apx. 12 hours). Includes one bike mount, although I'll try & find some more. Connects to Garmin via PC. (lead not included but if I locate before sale...
  17. Spartak

    SOLD : Garmin Etrex

    £25 Inc UK postage. Used but in good condition ( batteries not included ). Great unit for navigation. Takes 2 AA batteries. User manual available online.
  18. theloafer

    garmin 810

    Will be factory reset and charged before posting. Includes charging cable and mount (not pictured) £60.00 posted a coupe of marks on screen but don't show when used got it from Kernow_T .. just cant get away with it prefer my trusty
  19. L

    Anybody own Garmin 530?

    I am looking to buy a Cycling GPS unit, for navigation primarily. I've read bad reviews about 520 units, but for 530 it seems like an improvement? Is that true? Another consideration was the Wahoo roam but 530 is almost £100 cheaper.
  20. The Central Scrutinizer

    A Garmin Edge 130 Question

    When you are out on the road can you change the data page outlay by pressing one of the buttons.?so for example if you are on a ride and you have a six field outlay could you change it to another outlay which has different categories.I don't mean changing the fields individually. I might not...
  21. Kernow_T

    SOLD: Garmin Soft Strap HRM-3SS (exc condition) 18.95 posted

    Very little use,in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Price excludes PayPal fees NB: Burger and pork loin not included
  22. David5416

    Garmin edge 520

    SOLD ---------------------------------------------Garmin edge 520 Faulty touch screen but still able to record data. replacement bottom fixing applied. Will probably do somebody for parts or as a second Bike computer. £25 p&p included.
  23. nickg

    Garmin edge 1000 touring

    I've owned the garmin edge touring for a couple years, how do I go about updating maps so it's more suited for off road riding?
  24. Turdus philomelos

    Sold - Garmin Edge 800 GPS

    Garmin Edge 800 used but in very good condition. Unit is black with a blue insert. Screen has protector fitted and unit has a white silicon cover. Selling due to recent upgrade. £65 inc. p&p Comes with: micro USB with maps data/charging cable and Garmin charging mains plug. Stem mount Sram...
  25. T

    Garmin 810 - adding maps improving navigation

    I have a Garmin 810 which is okay. It does the kind of follow a trail navigation and every now and again issues an instruction like turn left or right ahead but this seems to happen at random and I’ve no idea how/why. i have 2 queries. Is it possible to add maps with road names etc to improve...
  26. S

    Garmin 800 not accepting tracks on hard drive

    I used Komoot to work out a few gpx routes around London. I followed the procedure, downloaded them to my pc and then tried to transfer them to the 'new files' files folder on the garmin hard drive. For some reason it only took in 3 of the 5 routes and there is loads of space. I do run Garmin...
  27. gavroche

    Garmin Edge 200 for sale.

    I am selling the above item due to having an Edge 820 now. £25 including postage in the UK. Sorry, no instruction book . Mount is basic with elastic but works well.
  28. cyberknight

    resolder wires in a garmin edge ?

    replaced a battery in an edge 200 but the speaker wires need soldering in , looks like solder on the speaker if i bought a cheap solder gun could i join the speaker wire ?
  29. Kernow_T

    Sold: Garmin Edge 1000 + mounts £114 posted

    In perfect working order with barely any usage marks and with optimum battery and seemless linking to phone and training aids such as HRM. Comes with, silicone case, exc cond out front and stem mounts plus a high performance SD card also. **The power button cover broke/disintegrated so I fixed...
  30. Landsurfer

    Garmin 200 ... Factory reset does not clear data from device

    Garmin 200 ... Factory reset does not clear data from device. HELP ! Please, if you do not have an answer to this Garmin 200 problem do not post with answers for other models ... :laugh: ... again .... So ...Garmin 200 ... Factory reset does not clear data from device...... help !! How do i do...
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