1. livpoksoc

    Open Maps instead of Garmin?

    So I gave in and bought a new Edge 530 as an upgrade from my ailing 520. Thinking back to when I first got my 520, I seem to recall downloading some Open Maps because it gave better detail than the pre installed maps from Garmin. The limit being it would only cover a certain geographical area...
  2. Spinney

    Garmin Edge 200

    I lost mine! (Stupid Spinney). Having seen the prices of the current 'basic' models, and also the increased complexity (which I neither need nor want), I'd much rather replace it with another one the same. So if you've upgraded and have an old Edge 200 languising somewhere, I'll gladly give you...
  3. taximan

    Are Garmin in short supply

    My touch 25 stopped working recently and I am looking to replace it with something similar, but I am having trouble locating a device unless I am prepared to pay silly money. My plan B is to have the old unit repaired but it has had a hard life so perhaps that would not be worth while. I bought...
  4. kingrollo

    Garmin Edge Explore battery indicator ?

    Been getting very poor battery life from my edge explore. But now it seems to have gone to the other extreme! Last night did a 2 hour ride - HRM - and Varia radar lights running. This morning switched on garmin to check charge showing 99% . I am wondering if this has been the problem all along...
  5. cyberknight

    Garmin edge 500

    for sale garmin edge 500 with garmin mount and cable for charging /upload ( you will need an adaptor usb plug as its just the cable ) Kept for a long time and not used till my 200 went kaput then used again for commuting for a week , battery life lasted a week of commuting and the unit worked...
  6. roadrash

    Garmin Edge 500 boxed

    selling for a friend, garmin edge 500 boxed in good condition , good battery life, comes boxed with out front mount ,charging lead, all manuals and cd, please see photos. price is £55 posted, or feel free to collect if you are anywhere near wigan.
  7. Norry1

    Garmin Edge 820 - Battery Life

    I have a Garmin Edge 820 which in most respects I quite like. However, the battery life, which was never great, has reduced to around 4 hours or even less in some circumstances. Does anyone know how to replace with a longer life battery? I have a separate power pack I can take with me - but I...
  8. kingrollo

    Garmin / Strava delays.

    5 hours since I completed my ride. It's gone into Garmin connect but not Strava ....anyone else having issues ?
  9. david k

    Garmin 1030 Strava segments issue, please help

    Hi All. Strava issue! So finally upgraded from my 800 which I loved. I also use a bioactive watch but wanted mapping and turn by turn instructions so when on sale got the wife to buy it as an Xmas present 😁 It works well but only really using the same features as the 800. I'm on Strava, my...
  10. Legs

    Garmin HRM with Zwift

    I'm having intermittent issues with my Garmin Dual HRM on Zwift... I can get it to pair fine with my Garmin Forerunner 230 and give HR readings, but when I've tried Zwifting with it (having unpaired from my watch), it shows as CONNECTED on the Zwift device connection screen but then, once I'm in...
  11. Sharky

    Garmin edge 200 battery

    I know a few of you have bought the kit for replacing a garmin battery. If you have done it recently and are pleased withe the new battery, which supplier did you use? Some of my searches are coming up with "out of stock". Thanks
  12. kingrollo

    Using Garmin with HRM on a spin bike

    Got a nice shiny HRM & strap for christmas - its ANT+ so works with my Garmin edge explore. Unfortunately I have been laid low with a groin injury for a few weeks - so its short sessions on the spin bike only. (Spin bike is basic and doesn't record HR). I wonder how I could set this (The...
  13. cyberknight

    garmin edge explore ?

    Still finding my edge touring a bit reoublesome , its ok if you start a course from home but if you start one from another point the course crashes half the time ,thinking of selling it and getting the edge explore with my x mas cash and wiggle voucher as i want it manily for navigation on...
  14. Hacienda71

    Garmin Bluetooth Help Required

    Bit of a long shot, but has anyone got any sage advice on this. I have just changed phones from a Sony Xperia XZ to a Xperia 5ii. I use a Garmin Edge 520 which uploads via Bluetooth. The devices have paired, but the connection drops out after circa 3 seconds then reconnects after 7 seconds or so...
  15. 120308

    Wanted: Garmin USB port weather cap for my Edge 500

    Hello all, I'm looking for a replacement USB port rubber weather cap for my Garmin 500. It's the blue hinged cover shown on the picture. Thanks.
  16. bikingdad90

    Garmin Edge 810 with K Edge Outfront mount

    Garmin Edge 810, fully working order. Comes with outfront K Edge Mount, and a stem out front mount in mount and charger. Maps included on memory card. No box or manual. £95 posted via recorded delivery.
  17. F

    Garmin GPS

    Hi all, I’m looking for a cheapies second hand garmin type device to use as a sat nav when out riding. I have a garmin Fenix 5 watch that does all the ride stats stuff so it’s really just to keep me on track if I get a bit lost when out adventuring. I’ve been looking at Garmin Edge 705 and 810...
  18. bikingdad90

    Garmin Edge 25 with handlebar mount and rubber cover

    I have been offered for sale a Garmin edge 520 so looking to sell my Garmin Edge 25. In good working condition, good battery length. It is well looked after and is in very good condition cosmetically. £50 posted?
  19. R

    SOLD Garmin eTrex 30x

    As per the title, a bog standard eTrex 30x with the standard Garmin Topo maps of Western Europe on SD card, updated a couple of weeks ago. The unit's a few years old now, but has mostly languished in a drawer as I tend to use my other Garmins. WYSIWYG, including a bar mount that's fitted with...
  20. kingrollo

    Garmin RTL 500 questions

    Picked up a used one of these this week for a bargain price - just wonder if anyone could answer a few questions (most online stuff seems to be about the newer models) 1.It came with a dedicated head unit ( RDU) -which I won't use as I run it from my Garmin. From the documentation I note that...
  21. livpoksoc

    Battery on Garmin Edge 520

    I've had mine for 4 years no real complaints, and this week a 2 hour ride leaves me with 20% battery and a low bat warning inducing fear of a lost ride recording. Anyine know if the battery can be replaced, and if not am I looking at a full replacement from their latest range? I have a...
  22. spennie

    Garmin 520+and compatibility with zwift

    I have a Garmin 520+ with a spd sensor 2,cadence sensor 2, a HRM dual and I ride on a Elite Qubo fluid trainer .I would like to start indoor training on zwift, could anyone advice me if I require any gadget for my Garmin to connect to zwift, or will this set up automatically connect to zwift.
  23. Cuchilo

    Garmin 1030

    Anyone got one ? Ive just upgraded to one as my 1000 had a problem . It just looks fatter , any funky features i should know about ?
  24. twentysix by twentyfive

    Garmin Edge 800 question

    Hi knowledgeable ones. I have a Garmin Edge 800 on loan from a friend who wants me to teach him how to use it. I've got through a lot of what he wants to know but one thing has me stumped. If I take it for a ride it will show the route I have just ridden. But I cannot find how to save that on...
  25. IaninSheffield

    Garmin Edge Touring dislikes booting in lower temperatures

    Are there any gurus out there who have come across this problem, or better yet, can suggest a solution? My Edge Touring is around five years old and has (generally!) given good service, but in recent months has started failing to boot properly, instead booting into a diagnostic mode: This...
  26. cyberknight

    Garmin edge screen

    A bit of an ask I know😵 Been given a Garmin edge touring plus but the touch screen is cracked. Has anyone got a suitable one lieing around ? Looks like it is an edge 800 screen
  27. Buck

    SOLD Garmin Cadence Sensor 2 - BNIB

    *SOLD* This is a warranty replacement but as it took so long to sort with Garmin I’ve ended up getting another so this is now spare! Brand new and unopened. Selling for £25 plus postage. ( I think this will be £3.10 or £4.10 recorded as it’ll have to go as a small parcel.)
  28. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] Garmin Forerunner 245 Music GPS Smartwatch

    I'm selling my Garmin Forerunner 245 Music as I can't justify keeping it TBH. It's an amazing piece of kit that I know I'll miss, but it's just not getting used and I won't wear it at work for fear of damaging it. It's in excellent condition, and comes with a brand new unused spare strap...
  29. cyberknight

    Garmin edge question courses

    Got a century ride planned next weekend and i use an edge 520 plus for navigation , the question is if i switch off the device at the cake stop will it continue with the course when i switch it back on ? Or would it be easier to break the course up into sections ? Im thinking of battery lasting...
  30. taximan

    Tough Garmin

    A few days ago I was rapidly descending a long hill at a speed of around 40 mph. All of a sudden my Garmin e-trex touch 25 parted company with the bike and after bouncing along for a while, came to rest at the side of the road. I fully expected it to be completely destroyed but when I picked it...
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