1. Low Gear Guy

    Diamondback Overdrive

    For sale: Diamondback Overdrive 14 inch frame 26 x 2.1 inch tyres 3 x 7 Tourey TX gears Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc brakes Suitor front suspension Mudguards Flat pedals Suit teenager or small adult, outgrown by owner £80 Buyer collects from SE Surrey
  2. keithmac

    Diamondback Outlook 14"?.

    Bit of a longshot but does anyone have any experience with Diamondback childrens bikes?. Looking at a 2nd hand outlook, aluminium frame, Shimano gears, Tectro brakes for my son. Wife's seen steel BSO in Halfords, 16kg! but because it's new she's dsconted my idea.. Should see him right for a...
  3. RegG

    Diamondback Ascent, circa 1998/9

    I have (perhaps foolishly!) agreed to have a look at my partners sons Diamondback Ascent with a view to making it roadworthy again. At this point in time I have not actually seen the bike but understand it was purchased around 1998/9. It has a 7 speed Shimano cassette with a triple chainring...
  4. Newgirl1426

    Can Someone Tell Me Year of my Trace?

    I just bought a Diamondback Trace from a local pawn shop. They had it for 250 but talked them into 175. I love it but I can't figure out the year. Maybe 2015 judging by color but not sure. Anyone know? DAP14 is stamped on the bottom. Yes, it's missing front brake.
  5. DCLane

    eBay: Diamondback M:05 mountain bike, Dewsbury

    Also on eBay is a cheap MTB - a Diamondback M:05: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161895142907 Bought for parts it's just better than this. Start price £20.
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