gear change

  1. Maherees

    Cannot seat into low gear when climbing

    Hi all, this has defeated some of the finest minds today on our bike ride and is something I have wrestled with a good part of the year. I have a Sram Rival 1 set up whereby my actual largest cog on the rear seems to be bigger than my chainring, anyway no matter how many times I reindex on the...
  2. G3CWI

    Gear Change

    The latest Government policy document is a very positive step in the right direction:
  3. J

    Brompton gear change problem

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Brompton M6L. I tried to use it this morning but about half way through I noticed that the numbered gears (on the right handlebar) were not changing properly - gear 1 is now gear 2, and gears 2 and 3 are both gear 3 (the gear doesn't change when I move between 2 and...
  4. Andy in Germany

    Gear change weirdness

    I've got an 8 spd cassette on my main bike, and I've just changed the shifter. The gears aren't absolutely perfect at the best of times because it is a long tail bike so the cable is about 15cn/6" longer than usual and this does affect the responsiveness. This time, however, the shifting is...
  5. ukoldschool

    New style brompton gear change mechanism help..

    Hi all, has anybody taken apart or have a diagram of the new style gear changer? This type: Mine is not returning when engaging down into '1', i'm sure its something simple like a spring not seated correctly, but Id rather know what was in there before I take it apart.... thanks

    Non Indexed rear mech help please

    Hello All, My rear mech has fallen apart on my ride to work bike (luckily close to home) but as it relatively old tech I haven't got a clue as to what I need to replace it can anyone help ? I'm looking for something at the budget end of the market as it's a relatively shabby bike. thanks all...
  7. HarryTheDog

    Is the Campagnolo Centaur Gear change supposed to feel like treacle ?

    My 8yr old bike which has Shimano Ultegra gears ( a year old) the frameset has now started to flex and creak ( not suprising I have beaten the hell out of it) so my son has offered his Battaglin as a replacement which has Campagnolo Centaur gears.( 6 years old but hardly used) The frameset is...
  8. redjedi

    Campag ergo levers - sticky gears

    I've been having a problem recently with the rear gears on my Veloce set-up. I find that occasionally the thumb lever will refuse move and change gear. To get it moving again I need to press the lever shifter a bit to un-lock it, then it will carry on be fine. This only ever happens after I've...
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