1. PaulSecteur

    XClear gopro 8 Lens and Screen protector (poppy appeal donation)

    Ordered by mistake (should have got one for a 9). These screen protectors help keep screens clear of any water that can ruin a good gopro video, as it keeps it clear of water and especially dirty water marks. Have a look here for a review... View:
  2. The Rover

    SOLD - GoPro Hero 5 session

    I’ve owned this from new and it’s in excellent condition, the screen is unmarked. Comes with the original box, charging cable, an unused/new 32gb memory card, an unused helmet strap, sticky pad and a foam cover. The cover was bought as a friend suggested it would help with the audio but I didn’t...
  3. Shropshire65LW

    Action Camera GoPro ? Cheaper alternative? what do you use

    has anyone got any recommendations for a action camera ,my pocket won’t. Reach to a GoPro
  4. johnnyb47

    Editing Gopro footage aghhhh

    Hi. Today i had a great ride out in some very scenic countryside and managed to record all the nice parts. Tonight i thought it was high time i dipped my toe onto editing it. Not being the most technically minded i somehow fumbled my way through it all. The last clip though was to long, and...
  5. Fab Foodie

    GoPro camera or similar....

    Friend of mine is looking for a GoPro or similar camera/video to record a rowing trip around the scottish isles. Mustn’t be too complicated nor super expensive. Obvs. Must be bery waterproof. No nothing about these things, advice and reviews appreciated! Cheers FF
  6. Milzy

    GoPro Hero 3+

    Immaculate unused GoPro. Has the big battery add on & shockproof case with the bits & pieces. £58 Including p&p.
  7. Heltor Chasca

    Bike Camera Advice (GoPro Hero 7 White) & Filming Methods

    I never thought I would be posting about this subject. One reason is that I have been derogatory in the past about civvie-pseudo-cops. Well, you grow up; traffic police numbers have been drastically cut and driving seems to have got worse. On average twice EVERY week on the school run, my...
  8. JoeWakefield03

    Mounting GoPro mount on helmet

    Hi guys, I have a sixsixone Recon helmet and I don’t know where to attach my GoPro mount in a solid, decent position. I have been considering the side but I want it to be central on the top of the helmet so I was wondering if I can file down a section on top of the helmet to allow a mount to be...

    DIY Cycling/Triking External GoPro Mic From Old iPhone Earbuds

    Thought this might interest a few. Cheap as chips and worked really well!
  10. Andy in Germany

    Gopro and similar cameras (Me and ma big mooth)

    So we're progressing on the conversion of an elderly MTB to a randonneur bike, and looking at the practicalities of getting the bikes to Japan and if there are any possible routes. Turns out there are a lot. To give Elder Son a bit of motivation and suggest what we could do, I showed him...
  11. jarlrmai

    Need a cheap hat with a middle pillar for velcro GoPro mount

    I stood on my old commute hat by accident, my Kask Protone I use for group rides cannot mount my camera so I need a cheap commute hat that can mount the GoPro. The Giro I stood on was my old ride hat and I don't need to spend that much again on a hat I wear for 10 mins 2x a day. Just looking...
  12. RoubaixCube

    [SOLD] GoPro Hero4 Session -- virtually new

    Used approximately twice. since purchased in 2015. It recorded my Dun run and my london to southend with the Fridays. tip top condition apart from a few scratches where the memory card slot is as i was fumbling about with it in the dark while on the DD run. Comes with all the original...
  13. U

    FS: GoPro Hero4 Silver camera + extras

  14. andsaw

    Has anyone got a Gopro Hero 5

    If so can you give me the dimensions for the lens outer part, not the overall size please, thanks.
  15. swee'pea99

    Facebook GoPro - 100 hours a *minute*?

    Just read in the paper (so it must be true) that 100 hours of GoPro are uploaded to Facebook every minute. :wacko:
  16. gyorgyigabor

    My GoPro vid: one of the most scenic mountain roads in Europe: La Palma,Roque de los Muchachos,2426m

    La Palma is the steepest island of the World; its highest peak is 2426 m high: Roque de los Muchachos. Its eastern ascent starts at oceanlevel I climbed it twice: once its eastern, once its western side. I recorded GoPro video on its descents: it shows stunning scenery, views to the volcano...
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