1. Dirk

    British sense of humour

    This made me chuckle. :laugh:
  2. Archie_tect

    Spartan humour.

    My son who is has a very dry sense of humour, reminded me of the exchange of letters between tiny Sparta and Phillip, King of Macedonia, during Macedonia's sacking of all their neighbouring Greek states. To try to prevent the Spartans rising up to defend themselves, and to frighten them into...
  3. bluenotebob

    Brit humour

    I quit the UK 20 years ago and lived/worked in various European countries before finally settling in France. In each of the countries where I've lived, I've found that when meeting someone new, I'm inevitably asked three questions - "where are you from?", "what do you like about living here?"...
  4. Gasman

    Folding humour

    From the Daily Mash.
  5. blackgoff

    Have you got a sense of humour ?

    Or are you dryer than a Cinzano ?
  6. Venod


    Thread Deleted
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