1. davidphilips

    Wanted Litespeed head badge

    Wanted a head badge for a litespeed, seen them on Ebay but all seem to be in the usa and very expensive?
  2. SteveParry

    Rab Vital Hoody Large/Montane Litespeed

    But not red - Gold/grey/cactus. Or Litespeed medium.
  3. DCLane

    Gone for a Cervelo S3 instead of a Litespeed C1 or De Rosa SuperKing 888

    Hypothetically (because I've managed to shrink him using my shrink ray gun) my youngest needs a new race bike, or at least he will in the next 6 months. I've seen a couple that are close to our budget: A Litespeed C1, or A De Rosa SuperKing 888 The Litespeed's cheaper but with Ultregra and the...
  4. DCLane

    Delete - wrong sub-forum!

    @Moderators Delete please because I'm a dimwit!
  5. 1

    Litespeed T5 series

    I am looking to buy a Litespeed T5G gravel bike. I have seen the T5G frameset only on wiggle being sold for £1800. I have also seen at Evans, the Litespeed T5D Ultegra Road complete for £2659...
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