1. ren531

    Unknown bike (local paper nostalgia article)

    An article in the local paper about a Lancaster photographer called Sam Thompson had a photo dated at 1927 of this bike included, maybe belonging to the man himself the article mentions using a bike to get around the area, anyone identify what it is, seems unusual with rod brakes single speed...
  2. Sharky

    Bates Nostalgia

    The recent thread on a Bates Tandem, reminded me I had an old brochure somewhere. I managed to find it! The brochure contains the specs for all the models at the time, which I guess was from the early to mid 50's. The one I had was the BAR model. The brochure also contains all the theory behind...
  3. Smokin Joe

    A Bit of Nostalgia

    Everyone has heard of Beryl Burton, but only us crinklies will remember Graham Webb. There was life before Wiggo, Froomedog and Cav - View:
  4. Spinney

    My favourite members of the aristocracy...

    The Duchess of Sutherland: The Earl of Pembroke Anyone got any other favourite lords, ladies, sirs, etc?
  5. Over The Hill

    The Last Vulcan Flight

    Driving back down the M40 on Sunday, suddenly there was an amazing sight of a Vulcan bomber right in the middle of a steep turn - where they just seem to be hanging sideways in the air for ages not moving. Fantastic and really close to the road. This is not my shot but it was like this ---...
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