1. Ajax Bay

    Cycleops Powertap hub cap 'wrench'

    Has anyone got a Cycleops Powertap Hub Cap Wrench, please? (or a link to a buyable one) https://www.slowtwitch.com/Tech/Hub_How-To_-_Powertap_3486.html I rescued this wheel (with its hub) literally off the back of a lorry (with driver's permission obv) and suspect that the only thing it needs...
  2. F

    Powertap P1 Pedals Setup

    Hi all, Managed to get my hands on some Powertap P1 pedals - should be arriving tomorrow. I've tried to find the mobile app, but no luck on android device. Does anyone have previous experience setting up the pedals? How to set crank length etc.? Any tips appreciated. Cheers!
  3. Dogtrousers

    Powertap G3 hub/wheel

    When all this is over I've decided to get myself a power meter. I'm spending so much time on the Turbo these days and getting used to seeing that figure. Now, I'm fully aware that this is not going to be a cost-effective purchase. Nor is it going to be particularly useful or sensible. But...
  4. uclown2002

    PowerTap P1 Dual Power Meter Set

    Less than 4 months old and only used indoors on the turbo. Very accurate and consistent Power Meter closely matching numbers on my Tacx Neo. £600 posted.
  5. gam001

    SOLD - Power Meter - PowerTap G3 Complete Wheel

    Get a virtually new power meter and rear wheel in one go! Used only twice, both times indoors on turbo trainer. Have all paperwork from purchase. Happy to show you how it works and help you get started if you are new to power meters. Full details and photos in eBay link below. Happy to answer...
  6. marcusjb

    PowerTap G3 wheel, H Plus SON Archetype, CX Ray spokes (32 hole) - £475

    Having a clearout! Built by the amazing http://www.stradawheels.co.uk/ in October 2013. I do not record individual mileage on wheels - but this can not have done more than 2500-3000km tops. PowerTap G3 hub - Shimano freehub with 10 speed adapter included H Plus SON Archetype rim in hard...
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