1. Blue Hills

    RockBros - who are they?

    Now and again I come across stuff branded RockBros - usually online. Who are they? I found traces of a US company but now seems to be defunct. Is it just a brand name acquired/adopted by a far eastern company?
  2. Gasman

    Rockbros insert

    Anyone got a pair of these and doesn't need the prescription insert? If so, can I have it if I cover postage?
  3. goo_mason

    ROCKBROS T6 Cree 3-Mode 1200LM Bike Light review

    Rockbros USB Bike Light Please note that I was sent this light by GearBest in exchange for an honest review, and I ran the light on my bike during my daily commutes in all Edinburgh weathers for three weeks to give it a good shakedown before writing this. Link to buy: Rockbros USB Bike...
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