1. Tripster

    Saddle bag or frame bag

    Looking at purrrrchasing a new saddle or frame bag. I have a Topeak saddle bag on one bike but considering a frame bag, top tube for Tubeless repair kit, Co2 cartridges, multi tool and that. Any advantages of frame bag or disadvantages over a saddle bag. Will be for my new road bike. Would...
  2. thunderlips76

    Caad 12 and saddle bags

    Hi there, does anyone know if a 16lt ortlieb saddle bag will fit a caad12. I’m not sure there’s enough seat post visible to fit the bag. Thanks in advance. Bag is this one
  3. L

    Saddle height and bar position

    Hi I’m trying to setup my saddle and bars on my new bike, any idea if saddles to high or low and bar position
  4. bobsinatra

    Saddle seen better days

    Hi This road bike is over 10 years old and the saddle is worn. I am looking to get a replacement, but as my knowledge of saddles is limited, I want to make sure that I am getting a saddle that would be compatible and easy enough to change over. Happy to spend up to £80. Cheers BS...
  5. Spartak

    Charge Spoon Brown Saddle

    I'm a fan of the Charge Spoon saddle and I'm wondering if anyone here has a brown one that they don't use lying around...? I'm happy to pay so let me know what's available.... Thanks in advance :okay:
  6. Sloth

    New saddle advice?

    Hi again, as part of my refit of my MTB I'd like to upgrade the saddle for something more comfortable. The bike still has the saddle that came with it from new and it's not at all comfortable, very hard and generally unpleasant for me personally. I appreciate they are a very personal ergonomic...
  7. vickster

    Brand new ladies saddle

    4ZA Stratos Women's Saddle White / Black 150mm x 245mm I believe Brand new in packaging £20 delivered, payment by Bank Transfer please
  8. Sloth

    Road tyres for MTB and saddle position?

    194CE9CF-22A4-4DC5-BA22-851ACCB3D3EF by NEIL MCCARTHY, on Flickr Also, can someone advise on my seat position? I get shoulder burn on this bike as it's set up but have been told that the saddle should be roughly the same height as the bars (which it seems to be - see pics) and that the saddle...
  9. S

    Saddle for a re-starter

    Started riding again, it’s been over 20 years since last used a bike, now aged 62, overweight & not as fit as I want to be (riding will help on this) I gave up after a series of knee operations ... but trying to get back into leisure riding to improve Knee stability & strength. My riding style...
  10. Soltydog

    San Marco Regale saddle narrow **SOLD**

    San Marco Regale narrow saddle for sale as new £20 posted I didn't realise it was narrow when I ordered it :sad: Only been fit to indoor turbo bike & used for 30 mins. It's too narrow for me, so like new
  11. TTSS

    Brooks Flyer Special leather bike saddle - Brown £85. Sold.

    For Sale: Brooks Flyer Special in Brown. Treated underneath and used on a display bike only. Comes in its' original box. Everywhere seem to be out of stock atm. £95 posted to standard UK post codes. I know it won't be cheap to post (Post Office saying between £8 - £10 with a signature)...
  12. kingrollo

    San Marco Corezone Saddle - Brand New

    San Marco Corezone saddle - Brand New - Never mounted on bike £12 + Postage.
  13. G

    Saddle Bag Lights

    Hi there Any recommendations for a rear light to fit onto the back of my saddle bag? Thanks in advance
  14. bikingdad90

    Toseek carbon saddle and Boardman saddle

    New Toseek carbon saddle for sale £10 posted. It’s the red/black version as per this eBay link Fitted and then removed as it is too loud for my bike and doesn’t go with the colour scheme so replaced with a different one. It’s firm but has some flex in...
  15. O

    Any ladies around here? The saddle!

    Hi ladies, so I've been riding my hybrid for 1 month now and the bum starts to sore. A little bit at the sit bones but the main discomfort comes from *ahem* the front. I guess it's because my riding position puts more pressure there. Is there a saddle you can recommend? My budget is £40 max...
  16. lejogger

    Discontinued saddle woe

    I currently sit astride a Fizik Arione K3 saddle on both my bikes. I’ve always struggled to find a ‘perfect‘ saddle, but this is by far the closest I’ve come. By far. It was actually designed/marketed as a triathlon...
  17. rugbyleaguebiker

    San marco saddle brand new

    San marco monza saddle brand new £7 + postage
  18. Daninplymouth

    Saddle help

    Hi, just after some advice. I find my saddle comfortable but when I get off the bike I have 2 big red marks on the back of legs from just in front of my sit bones. Just wondered what could be causing this? At the moment I have a specialised power saddle but I also get the same if I use my fabric...
  19. S

    Selle San Marco Azoto Triathlon Saddle

    Selle San Marco Azoto triathlon saddle, only had a few hundred miles put on it then put in a box when I stopped doing tri's. Very comfy when on aerobars. £50 posted.
  20. Son Of Anarchy

    Choosing the ideal saddle

    I am not sure if this is a ridiculous question or indeed if there is some science behind this..... Bike fitting is obviously a thing but is there such a thing as saddle fitting, other than trial and error? Obviously people have a range of bottom sizes/natures padding and there are a range of...
  21. taximan

    Brooks saddle failure

    I bought a Sun Snipe Bike in 1962. It was fitted with a Brooks B17 saddle which outlived the bike by many years and has been in more or less constant use on a series of other bikes for almost 60 years . Sadly however I think it has come to the end of the road as the leather has started to split...
  22. Polite

    *GONE* Carradice zip roll saddle bag, maroon.

    I have posted under free but would expect £10 to cover getting it to you. It has never been used. When it's light, I'll post some photos. I would also consider exchange for the following books: Fifty Miles Wide: Cycling Through Israel and Palestine - Julian Sayarer Cycling Shorts and Cycle...
  23. Johnsco

    Brooks saddle failure.

    Can you beat a Brooks saddle ? Well - It's looks like you can. This Brooks B5N was fitted to my Carlton road bike in the early 1970s (possibly the 1960s). I soon got used to it and used it for years, until the bike got laid up in the garage about 35 years ago. A friend of mine had borrowed it...
  24. TTSS

    Brooks flyer special leather bike saddle - Brown. Free P & P.

    Treated and fitted but never used. I've sold my touring bike and this, sadly has to go as it just won't suit my MTB. New & boxed. It took me ages to get hold of this as everyone is out of stock even when they say they aren't ! Collection preferred but I will post to standard UK post codes...
  25. willhub

    Left sit bone slipping off saddle

    Right got a bloody weird issue and it's driving me insane. I don't know if this is a new issue or an issue I've just realised, either way, I don't know what could cause it and how to fix it. The issue is, my right sit bone is firmly on the saddle, but my left sit bone is slipping off, I've even...
  26. funk2monk

    Brooks Saddle

    Would anyone know the age of this Brooks B90/3 saddle please. Not seen the Brooks logo written like this so guessing it’s an early one?
  27. T

    Monolink saddle and seatpost, Mavic Cosmic Campag wheelset

    Selle Italia SLR Monolink Saddle With FSA SLK Carbon Seatpost 27.2mm - £100 Extremely light combination carbon seatpost with Selle Italia SLR Carbon railed monolink saddle combo. Couple of scuffs on the corner of the saddle but nothing too bad. Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset, Campagnolo Fitting...
  28. Twilkes

    Riding out of the saddle

    I'm curious to see whether a rider's size and body makeup influences whether they ride out of the saddle or not, so I put together a survey just for fun - will report back with the findings in a few days, but please click and complete if you want to take part, completely anonymous...
  29. mdk1

    Uncomfortable Saddle

    Hi all. Longtime no speak, been away from cycling for about 5 yrs due to illness, but back in the saddle for the last couple of months. I have gained a few stone over the intervening years. My trouble is now that I vant get comfy in/on my saddle, seem to have a very painful position where I...
  30. The Central Scrutinizer

    Adjusting the Saddle

    I have just replaced the original saddle off my giant defy with a fizik arione which i have had for a few years. I keep adjusting the saddle to the level position but every time i start tightening the bolt the saddle is moving to a tilted downwards position. I have tried holding the saddle and...
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