1. insouciant


    Anyone able to identify what make/model this is? 🤔
  2. The Central Scrutinizer

    Saddle issue

    I bought a second hand Fizik Arione saddle in 2014 to replace my stock one on my Giant Defy and felt it was quite comfortable.A year later i sold my bike and bought another Defy but carbon. Before i sold the bike i took off the Fizik saddle and put the Giant saddle back on.The plan was to put...
  3. TTSS

    Ostrich Saddle Bag S-2 Black Canvas. Brand New (Still in Original Packaging) £60. Sold.

    Still in it's original packaing. S-2 has one large middle compartment, two side pockets and a bottom map pocket. Made from heavy canvas with 3 leather straps (2 straps for the saddle and 1 strap for the seat post). Designed for saddles with bag loops or springs like Brooks England or Cardiff...
  4. GeekDadZoid

    Carradice SQR or other saddle bag support

    Good Morning I al looking to fit a Carradice Audax Lightweight to my road bike bit my saddle has no loops. Does anyone have a SQR or some other saddle bag support getting dusty in a cupboard they would like to sell? Thanks
  5. Mralexrides

    Saddle for new bike

    Got a new road bike need a new saddle for. One came with it is horrible. Think I could do with one with a big cut out in middle to stop numbness. I was looking at is the Nukeproof Horizon Enduro Saddle but its a mountain bike but obviously that doesn't matter. I have a brookes b17 on my other...
  6. Twizit

    Specialized Power Pro saddle 143mm - SOLD

    As above. Came on new bike so only used once before deciding it wasn’t for me and swapped out for a different saddle. Carbon fibre base and hollow titanium rails. Retails at £175. Asking £100 posted.
  7. Rusty Nails

    Saddle bags a bit larger than toolbags

    I am looking to buy a saddle bag that I can use on day rides that can hold, as well as my tools, some sandwiches, a rain jacket and possibly a small flask for coffee. I do not need or want anything as large as a pannier and would prefer not to need a rear rack. I have looked for but not found...
  8. S

    For sale brooks b67 saddle

    Nice tanned brooks leather saddle b67 In really nice condition very little usage See all photos 65.00
  9. netman

    SOLD - Selle SMP TRK Medium Saddle

    Selle SMP TRK Medium Saddle - has been used, but barely so basically as new. Think it cost me over £50, so £35 posted?
  10. G

    Saddle adjustment

    Hi there I'm going to try and adjust the fore and aft position of my saddle. What bolts do I loosen? I loosened the ones on the underside but it just tilted the saddle down!
  11. ScotMitchyNew

    I’d like a new bike saddle - I’m fed up of discomfort

    I’ve got a Carerra cross city ebike and love everything, bar the saddle. I put a cover over it, but still have a painful bum despite padded shorts. I’m quite a big lass, with the bottom to match, and don’t do speed or ergonomics - what I would love is padded comfort that could see me out and...
  12. Mburton1993

    Saddle bag recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good saddle bag, one with multiple compartments, expandable, clip on perhaps, I'm never sure on capacity when viewing them online so medium, 1.5l maybe. Needs to accommodate keys, phone, 3 alan keys, inner tube, 2 tyre levers, debit card, facemask, a small loop lock and a...
  13. keithmac

    Vetta Gel saddle.

    Is there a modern equivalent to the Vetta Gel saddles?. They were the most comfortable saddles I've used but seems they have stopped making them.
  14. MrGrumpy

    Saddle Bag

    Saddle bag recommendations ? I’ve had various but they secure round the seat well as rails . However there are some now that just secure round the rails of the saddle . Anyone got one ? Only needs to hold some spares.
  15. C

    Silca Saddle Bag - anyone have one of these? Does anyone have one of these - a couple of reviews are critical of the zip/boa? But like the look and keen to know how people have got on with it.
  16. Juliansou

    Squishy saddle or squishy pants?

    Evening all, I’ve a few years in the saddle and have always worn the traditional padded cycling short (not been a fan of the bibs) for anything over an hour ride. Having discovered the delights of a single speed, with a fairly well padded saddle, I’m not finding it particularly necessary to...
  17. Darius_Jedburgh

    FREE unisex Gel saddle cover. No more numbnesses.

    I have a gel saddle cover to help ease those pressure points. Unisex!!! Will fit mens/womens/transeseses saddles. Nice thick gel and drawcord to secure it. Little use so in excellent condition. Got a numb bum? This is for you. If everybody is comfortable then this goes in the bin which will be...
  18. Sunny Portrush

    Changing a saddle

    Hi all I want to change the saddle on my good bike. It's an Argon 18 and I want to use my old battered Cannondale saddle as it is much more comfortable. Two things tho - I haven`t a scooby as to how to do it (I mean properly!) and am pretty useless at fixing things Secondly, the seat post for...
  19. Teamfixed

    Brooks Pro saddle

    Well yes, looking for one of these please.
  20. S

    New Saddle Selle Royal cool X senium and Handlebar bag - Agu ventura 120cg

    As new, the seat came off my bike and the handlebar bag isn't needed as I went full rack and panniers. SR - £35 collected from either Ruislip or Shepherds Bush Bag -.6.5l capacity £35 as above. Note needs the mounting hardware as I used that for my partners bike to put a basket on
  21. Steeler

    Brooks Challenge saddle bag (small)

    For sale, Brooks Challenge small saddle bag, Honey - Used (twice!) VGC - £60
  22. Dwn

    Saddle pack (bikepacking style) advice for small frame

    So, my wife wants to get a bikepacking style saddle pack for some short (one or two nights in b&b) trips that we are planning. She doesn’t want panniers or a traditional style saddle bag, but likes the restrap / apidura / ortlieb seatpacks. It needs about 8 litres of storage capacity. The...
  23. D

    Ergon saddle on a brompton

    Hi all does anyone know if an ergon saddle will fit on a brompton I am looking at the sfc3 I have always used a Brooks saddle on my touring bikes but just can not get a comfortable position with it on the brompton The saddle that came with the brompton there standard saddle is a thing of pure...
  24. HumpTdumpty

    Saddle fitting - Adapter ? Bolt & Rail ?

    Hi my 1996 purchased old bike has a single bolt attachment re saddle fitting - if I purchase a new Rail based saddle - any suggestions how I attach it ? Is there an adapter available or something? Pictures attached of existing saddle and just a basic box standard rail type I’d like to fit ? Any...
  25. W

    Selle Italia SLR Monopost saddle

    I have a new SLR Friction free Monopost saddle. However l don't have the correct (27.2 mm) seatpost. The prices for new ones are astronomical so if anybody has a used one or just spare to requirements, l would be interested . If l draw a total blank l would sell the saddle for £35 plus postage...
  26. tornadotony

    Wanted Selle SMP saddlePosted on Sun 14th, March 2021

    Looking for any of these Evolution, Stratos, Chrono Been getting lots of perineum pain on turbo and have tried a few saddles including Adamo. The Adamo cured perineum pain but created thigh muscle strain, which apparently is quite common because of width.
  27. Colin Grigson

    Is this a saddle fore / aft issue ?

    I usually feel as if my Quadriceps are engaged much more than my Hamstrings / Glutes ... could this be due to incorrect setting of the saddle fore / aft ? .... or something else entirely ?. For background I’m a fairly new cyclist - 8 months ago I started, and I’ve covered around 5,000km on a...
  28. Porsche924

    Sportex saddle.

    Does anyone have a good Sportex plastic saddle for sale? Was looking to replace the one on my Carlton with a Brooks but thought it would be better to keep it to the original spec. The one on the bike is a bit tatty.
  29. Porsche924

    Brookes saddle.

    Last summer restored a Charlton stadium. It came with the original plastic saddle which is in poor condition. I have looked on e bay for a genuine Brookes leather saddle. There are lots for sale. The trouble is there are so many different models of Brookes saddles. Could anyone recommend one for...
  30. S

    New H/bar bag AGU ventura and New SR Royal saddle

    Both as new Saddlebag pics attached Saddle is a SR Royal Sensuim Each £35 ono collected NW London Can post but will have to check prices PM me for pics
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