1. Johnsco

    Brooks saddle failure.

    Can you beat a Brooks saddle ? Well - It's looks like you can. This Brooks B5N was fitted to my Carlton road bike in the early 1970s (possibly the 1960s). I soon got used to it and used it for years, until the bike got laid up in the garage about 35 years ago. A friend of mine had borrowed it...
  2. TTSS

    Brooks flyer special leather bike saddle - brown.

    Treated and fitted but never used. I've sold my touring bike and this, sadly has to go as it just won't suit my MTB. New & boxed. It took me ages to get hold of this as everyone is out of stock even when they say they aren't ! Collection preferred but I will post to standard UK post codes...
  3. willhub

    Left sit bone slipping off saddle

    Right got a bloody weird issue and it's driving me insane. I don't know if this is a new issue or an issue I've just realised, either way, I don't know what could cause it and how to fix it. The issue is, my right sit bone is firmly on the saddle, but my left sit bone is slipping off, I've even...
  4. funk2monk

    Brooks Saddle

    Would anyone know the age of this Brooks B90/3 saddle please. Not seen the Brooks logo written like this so guessing it’s an early one?
  5. T

    Monolink saddle and seatpost, Mavic Cosmic Campag wheelset

    Selle Italia SLR Monolink Saddle With FSA SLK Carbon Seatpost 27.2mm - £100 Extremely light combination carbon seatpost with Selle Italia SLR Carbon railed monolink saddle combo. Couple of scuffs on the corner of the saddle but nothing too bad. Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset, Campagnolo Fitting...
  6. Twilkes

    Riding out of the saddle

    I'm curious to see whether a rider's size and body makeup influences whether they ride out of the saddle or not, so I put together a survey just for fun - will report back with the findings in a few days, but please click and complete if you want to take part, completely anonymous...
  7. mdk1

    Uncomfortable Saddle

    Hi all. Longtime no speak, been away from cycling for about 5 yrs due to illness, but back in the saddle for the last couple of months. I have gained a few stone over the intervening years. My trouble is now that I vant get comfy in/on my saddle, seem to have a very painful position where I...
  8. The Central Scrutinizer

    Adjusting the Saddle

    I have just replaced the original saddle off my giant defy with a fizik arione which i have had for a few years. I keep adjusting the saddle to the level position but every time i start tightening the bolt the saddle is moving to a tilted downwards position. I have tried holding the saddle and...
  9. Daninplymouth

    Saddle angle help

    Hi, I still keep playing around with my fit trying to find maximum comfort and it seems to be getting better now with each of my adjustments. Also I have nothing else to do other than ride and tinker at the mo. Just after some advice, I have a fabric scoop fitted, what’s the best place to...
  10. G

    Saddle Adjustment

    Hi there I think I've set my saddle far too high. I've taken my bike to the bike shop where I bought it and let them do it because I'm too scared to do it myself having heard horror stories about damage carbon frames/carbon seatposts, etc and this particular bike is not cheap. To put you in...
  11. Pompeywidow

    Bike saddle

    Afternoon all My daughter has a white plastic bike saddle but the dye from her jeans transfers on to it and it’s a nightmare to clean off and since she’s pretty much riding everyday it’s getting tedious!! 😂 I’m thinking if either covering it in fablon? Or a piece of faux leather material...
  12. Cathryn

    Lowering the driver saddle on a tandem

    Evening all. I used to be a very regular poster here back in the early days but I drifted away as life changed. However, tonight I have a bike problem and I thought that if anyone could help, they'd probably be here. So hi again! During Lockdown, we bought a tandem on eBay. The goal is for me...
  13. H

    Breaking in a Brooks Saddle

    I'm fitting a brand new black Brooks Swift saddle to my restored Holdsworth Mistral and must confess I've never owned a Brooks.........would be very grateful for advice on any pre-treatment to the leather that will improve water resistance and perhaps help "break in." I've a horrible feeling the...
  14. fixedfixer

    SOLD: Charge Ladle Ladies Saddle (s)

    We have two of these that are no longer required. Selling together, one is in very good condition and one has a slight scuff on the rear underside (top is ok) The specification is as follows: Remember the price is for both, estimate postage will be £3:10 Royal Mail second class. Charge Ladle...
  15. S

    Finding correct saddle height

    I am trying to perfect my saddle height on my Giant TCR road bike and while I think I have it in the correct ballpark, after watching several YouTube videos I am slightly confused about the correct methodology for an exact fit. I just want to clarify some assumptions used in the straight leg /...
  16. vickster

    *SOLD* Fabric Scoop Sport Shallow saddle

    One of these came on a recent purchase, no use to me. In perfect condition Can post photos £25 delivered within UK Payment by BACS or PayPal F & F
  17. Maherees

    topeak saddle bag clip bolt f25?

    Hi all, This might be quite an esoteric question but this forum might be the best place to start. The bolt that holds the clip on my topeak saddle bag has rounded, due mainly to me swapping saddles, and as the clip and bag are still in good order all I need is the bolt. is it possible to source...
  18. fixedfixer

    Now SOLD: Brooks Ladies Standard B17S saddle

    The Brooks Ladies Standard B17S in tan leather with black rails is in really good condition, has been used but not a lot. The adjuster remains in original position,no stretched leather etc. Great saddle in a great colour that would complement any bike. Comes with that nice little adjusting...
  19. wafter

    Creaking / clicking saddle..

    Something I've experienced on pretty much every bike I've owned to some extent - a creaking / clicking coming from the saddle when pedalling / riding over rough ground, that upon further inspection can be replicated by applying downward load to the outside rear of the saddle on either side. I...
  20. MDA 998


    Sold Sold
  21. jay clock

    i-beam saddle for Dahon

    My daughter has borrowed my 2005 Dahon Speed p8 for the lockdown and finding the saddle uncomfortable. Apart from HTFU I am looking for a replacement The fitting is a quirky system called I-beam and I can find a seatpost on CRC that says I-Beam seatposts can only be used with I-Beam saddles...
  22. wafter

    Charge Spoon saddles...

    I'm considering changing the saddle on my Boardman as its less-than-stellar rep has been bourne out by my own experiences.. I've never found it particularly comfortable and recently discovered it's sitting low on one side; "coincidentally" the same side I get a regular arse-sore after a good bit...
  23. R

    Replacement saddle to seatpost clamp

    Hi, there are plenty of seatpost clamps out there for the post to the frame, but harder to filter these out to get to seatpost to saddle clamps. I have had a Deda Drittisimo seatpost since about 2013, and they use basically two M6 bolts: Over time there has been so much gunk and dirt in the top...
  24. cyberknight

    Cosine Ti Endurance Saddle SOLD

    Bought in my quest for a perfect saddle but i dont get on with the cut out .I have only used this a couple of times and i just cant get on with it £20 posted
  25. grellboy

    TT Saddle

    Evening. I've got one of those stubby saddles on my bike ( basically a Fizik copy) which is quite comfortable, except for the fact that I have to keep adjusting my arse because I keep sliding forward on it. I read before that Andre Griepel used to put sand paper on his saddle to prevent this...
  26. Iainj837

    Best saddle

    I have a Dawes Galaxy, and would like to change the saddle, I want to start cycle touring. So I want a comfortable saddle. Any recommendations
  27. Twilkes

    Wider/flatter/more curved saddle than 155mm Toupe Sport

    I tried a Toupe Sport and it still feels like too much of my middle-meat has pressure on it, and not enough on my sit bones. I've tried angling the saddle and moving back and forth and nothing seems to improve it. So any suggestions on saddles I could try that either have a flatter...
  28. NickTB

    Saddle fit help

    Hello all, back in the saddle for the first time in a couple of years and I'm having an issue. I ride a Marin hybrid with a 20.5” frame. I'm 6.1 and have added a taller stem riser for a more upright riding position. My issue is this. When I first set out, my sit bones are on the widest part of...
  29. Globalti

    Specialized Power saddle too wide?

    Anybody got one of these and finding it too wide? Here are pictures of the San Marco saddle on my hooligan bike, which is extremely comfortable and the saddle on the new Roubaix, which is a good shape fore and aft but I'm thinking too wide in the middle as it causes folding and rucking up of the...
  30. Hugh Jampton

    Fi’zi:k Kurve Carbon Saddle

    For Sale, Fi’zi:k Kurve Carbon. This is a Bull one, which is for the lesser bendy people! Comes with the Tuning kit for hard or soft options (currently setup for soft). £50 + £5 postage
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