1. fixedfixer

    Now SOLD: Brooks Ladies Standard B17S saddle

    The Brooks Ladies Standard B17S in tan leather with black rails is in really good condition, has been used but not a lot. The adjuster remains in original position,no stretched leather etc. Great saddle in a great colour that would complement any bike. Comes with that nice little adjusting...
  2. wafter

    Creaking / clicking saddle..

    Something I've experienced on pretty much every bike I've owned to some extent - a creaking / clicking coming from the saddle when pedalling / riding over rough ground, that upon further inspection can be replicated by applying downward load to the outside rear of the saddle on either side. I...
  3. MDA 998


    Sold Sold
  4. jay clock

    i-beam saddle for Dahon

    My daughter has borrowed my 2005 Dahon Speed p8 for the lockdown and finding the saddle uncomfortable. Apart from HTFU I am looking for a replacement The fitting is a quirky system called I-beam and I can find a seatpost on CRC that says I-Beam seatposts can only be used with I-Beam saddles...
  5. wafter

    Charge Spoon saddles...

    I'm considering changing the saddle on my Boardman as its less-than-stellar rep has been bourne out by my own experiences.. I've never found it particularly comfortable and recently discovered it's sitting low on one side; "coincidentally" the same side I get a regular arse-sore after a good bit...
  6. R

    Replacement saddle to seatpost clamp

    Hi, there are plenty of seatpost clamps out there for the post to the frame, but harder to filter these out to get to seatpost to saddle clamps. I have had a Deda Drittisimo seatpost since about 2013, and they use basically two M6 bolts: Over time there has been so much gunk and dirt in the top...
  7. cyberknight

    Cosine Ti Endurance Saddle SOLD

    Bought in my quest for a perfect saddle but i dont get on with the cut out .I have only used this a couple of times and i just cant get on with it £20 posted
  8. grellboy

    TT Saddle

    Evening. I've got one of those stubby saddles on my bike ( basically a Fizik copy) which is quite comfortable, except for the fact that I have to keep adjusting my arse because I keep sliding forward on it. I read before that Andre Griepel used to put sand paper on his saddle to prevent this...
  9. Iainj837

    Best saddle

    I have a Dawes Galaxy, and would like to change the saddle, I want to start cycle touring. So I want a comfortable saddle. Any recommendations
  10. Twilkes

    Wider/flatter/more curved saddle than 155mm Toupe Sport

    I tried a Toupe Sport and it still feels like too much of my middle-meat has pressure on it, and not enough on my sit bones. I've tried angling the saddle and moving back and forth and nothing seems to improve it. So any suggestions on saddles I could try that either have a flatter...
  11. NickTB

    Saddle fit help

    Hello all, back in the saddle for the first time in a couple of years and I'm having an issue. I ride a Marin hybrid with a 20.5” frame. I'm 6.1 and have added a taller stem riser for a more upright riding position. My issue is this. When I first set out, my sit bones are on the widest part of...
  12. Globalti

    Specialized Power saddle too wide?

    Anybody got one of these and finding it too wide? Here are pictures of the San Marco saddle on my hooligan bike, which is extremely comfortable and the saddle on the new Roubaix, which is a good shape fore and aft but I'm thinking too wide in the middle as it causes folding and rucking up of the...
  13. Hugh Jampton

    Fi’zi:k Kurve Carbon Saddle

    For Sale, Fi’zi:k Kurve Carbon. This is a Bull one, which is for the lesser bendy people! Comes with the Tuning kit for hard or soft options (currently setup for soft). £50 + £5 postage
  14. Marchaugh

    Saddle Sore Spots

    So basically I seem to get these spot/pimple/boil like sores on my arse only normally one on one side but it is pretty painful and annoying. I can go long periods without having any but then periods like now where every ride just makes it bigger and more painful. I am a very hairy chap so have...
  15. velohomme

    Unicantor saddle

    I'm looking for a Unicantor saddle of mid 70's vintage. Hopefully there is one out there somewhere.
  16. tornadotony

    Saddle clearout

    Selle Italia SL Manganesr Rail Patent Leather high Gloss Black - In very good condition apart from a couple of slight nicks and rub on rear edges. £45 Brand New Fizik M7 £45 (Image is showing yellow lines when they are actually red) Brand New Chris Hoy £15 -Has picked up some hardly...
  17. S

    Comfiest road bike saddle

    Hi all, My partner has just got a road bike. She has padded cycling leggings but is still finding the saddle that came with the bike rather uncomfortable. We're not going to be covering 100s of miles in one day so just something that will be nice and comfortable for a leisurely 20 - 40 mile...
  18. G

    Saddle adjustment thingy?

    Hi there These are pics of my new Bianchi saddle adjustment thing and also a pic of the same on my Giant TCR Advanced. I've been advised not to use a multi tool Allen Key and that I should use a ratchet - is this correct and would this be the correct thing to use...
  19. funk2monk

    Leather saddle

    Have acquired a number of old Brooke's and Wright leather saddles which seem to be all useable. However the leather is solid and needs 'feeding' with something that will get the leather supple again. I'm conscious though of using the wrong product and loosing all the strength and shape in the...
  20. lilolee

    FS : Velo Orange Saddle Bag Loops

    Ideal for those saddles without bag loops £14 in UK P&P
  21. lilolee

    FS : Brand New Vaude Saddle Bag

    Never mounted, never used. £35 inc UK P&P The Vaude Off Road Seat Post Bag is a great substitute for your backpack! In this seat post bag, you can pack enough gear for necessities like a rain jacket, provisions and a mini-tool. Size M Weight: 540 g Volume: 7 + 3 litres (when expanded) -...
  22. Brento10

    Carbon seatpost saddle rail clamp

    I have broken my Rose Xeon seatpost saddle rail clamp it's a 2 bolt fixing . The bolts are one behind the other not across the way. Can anyone advise where to purchase a replacement and are these interchangeable.
  23. jamin100

    Brooks C15 Saddle

    Brooks C15 saddle. used condition, 2nd class postage included in price £65
  24. DSK

    Different Saddles For Different Bikes OR 1 saddle for them all?

    I have a Trek Alpha with a Fizik Aliante saddl which, works fine for me when out riding the Trek. I tried the Fiziki on the Giant Propel and was surprised that it was immediately painful and no amount of tweaking made much difference. Appreciating that the geometry between the two bikes is...
  25. gelfy666

    Maddison Stellar Saddle

    Maddison Stellar, waterproof commuter saddle, 1 month old. £10 posted within UK.
  26. Andy in Germany

    Alternatives to Brooks saddle Proofhide

    What alternatives are there to the Proofhide for Brooks saddles? The stuff Brooks sell seems very pricey but there must be people putting wax into leather that isn't Brooks approved. Any suggestions?
  27. S

    Selle Royal Lookin Saddle New

    As above, came off a hybrid bike. £35 posted to you. Payment by pp gift or BT please. Can collect from Euston or Ruislip
  28. TAV

    Saddle sores

    Hi ive been off the bike for a few months but on the last few rides ive been getting a hot rear end and a few boils. So i changed the saddle to a sella italia slr but today my rear end is in rags. I checked the bike fit and it looks right i wash my bib shorts after each ride do i need to change...
  29. Boo

    Query re: the saddle / backside interface

    Hi! I've had my bike for about 5 years (flat bar hybrid) and bought it with the intent of losing weight and getting fitter rather than breaking any land speed records. I pottered about for a bit, but rides became fewer and farther between. Then, in August 2017 I had what I thought would be an...
  30. Cavalol

    Bontrager Evoke 2 saddle wanted.

    Does anyone have a mint condition or new Bontrager Evoke 2 saddle for sale, please?
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