1. funk2monk

    Leather saddle

    Have acquired a number of old Brooke's and Wright leather saddles which seem to be all useable. However the leather is solid and needs 'feeding' with something that will get the leather supple again. I'm conscious though of using the wrong product and loosing all the strength and shape in the...
  2. lilolee

    FS : Velo Orange Saddle Bag Loops

    Ideal for those saddles without bag loops £14 in UK P&P
  3. lilolee

    FS : Brand New Vaude Saddle Bag

    Never mounted, never used. £35 inc UK P&P The Vaude Off Road Seat Post Bag is a great substitute for your backpack! In this seat post bag, you can pack enough gear for necessities like a rain jacket, provisions and a mini-tool. Size M Weight: 540 g Volume: 7 + 3 litres (when expanded) -...
  4. Brento10

    Carbon seatpost saddle rail clamp

    I have broken my Rose Xeon seatpost saddle rail clamp it's a 2 bolt fixing . The bolts are one behind the other not across the way. Can anyone advise where to purchase a replacement and are these interchangeable.
  5. jamin100

    Brooks C15 Saddle

    Brooks C15 saddle. used condition, 2nd class postage included in price £65
  6. DSK

    Different Saddles For Different Bikes OR 1 saddle for them all?

    I have a Trek Alpha with a Fizik Aliante saddl which, works fine for me when out riding the Trek. I tried the Fiziki on the Giant Propel and was surprised that it was immediately painful and no amount of tweaking made much difference. Appreciating that the geometry between the two bikes is...
  7. gelfy666

    Maddison Stellar Saddle

    Maddison Stellar, waterproof commuter saddle, 1 month old. £10 posted within UK.
  8. Andy in Germany

    Alternatives to Brooks saddle Proofhide

    What alternatives are there to the Proofhide for Brooks saddles? The stuff Brooks sell seems very pricey but there must be people putting wax into leather that isn't Brooks approved. Any suggestions?
  9. S

    Selle Royal Lookin Saddle New

    As above, came off a hybrid bike. £35 posted to you. Payment by pp gift or BT please. Can collect from Euston or Ruislip
  10. TAV

    Saddle sores

    Hi ive been off the bike for a few months but on the last few rides ive been getting a hot rear end and a few boils. So i changed the saddle to a sella italia slr but today my rear end is in rags. I checked the bike fit and it looks right i wash my bib shorts after each ride do i need to change...
  11. Boo

    Query re: the saddle / backside interface

    Hi! I've had my bike for about 5 years (flat bar hybrid) and bought it with the intent of losing weight and getting fitter rather than breaking any land speed records. I pottered about for a bit, but rides became fewer and farther between. Then, in August 2017 I had what I thought would be an...
  12. Cavalol

    Bontrager Evoke 2 saddle wanted.

    Does anyone have a mint condition or new Bontrager Evoke 2 saddle for sale, please?
  13. Banjo

    Small saddle bag for Brompton.

    Can anyone recommend a small saddle bag for a Brompton that can stay on when folded. Only want to fit one spare tube no space for tools needed as I treated myself to the Brommie tool kit last year. A strap for a rear light to clip on would be good. This one looks ok I could probably glue and...
  14. thebigP

    Saddle height adjustment maybe??

    so I was on Zwift earlier and I had the resistance wacked up to setting 8 (its a Tacx blue motion for anyone asking) and I was sitting at around 250-280 W for 10 minutes at a lowish rpm, maybe 75-80. towards the end I started to feel quite a lot of pain in and around my knees, its not bc my legs...
  15. A

    RCC saddle

    RCC classic 130mm saddle £80 Ono
  16. derrick

    How long do you keep a saddle?

    Had my Sela Italia saddle for about three years, roughly 21000 miles, It;s started feeling a bit uncomfatable lately, It looks like it may have stretched a bit, Or it could be my backside has lost some padding, (my arse is getting skinier) Have been trying a couple of different saddles over the...
  17. Nibor

    Selle SMP TRK Saddle Medium Sold

    Excellent condition hardly used located in Accrington collection/ meet preferred postage negotiable ono
  18. airborneal

    Cionlli Pitango Vintage style Saddle Rivets

    Never been fitted but been in storage for a while so there is a few marks. Thought it might suit a retro style build £11 posted please see all photos so your happy with condition
  19. airborneal

    Selle Italia Sportourer Zoo Saddle New Womens

    Selle Italia Sportourer Zoo Saddle New This is a wide Comfort saddle [160mm] I think this is a Womens saddle £16 posted
  20. Trigger369

    Saddle problem.

    Hi all . I've tried a couple of different specialized saddles and still cant get comfortable on them . Tried one cant remember the name and changed to the toupe, and changed to phenom . Bought new roubaix comp and it came with a phenom saddle but not exactly the same as the phenom I had on my...
  21. B

    Argh saddle height?!

    So I recently got a new bike (Triban 500 RC). And I've been thinking recently that I haven't properly set my saddle height. Couldn't put my finger on why but had a feeling it could be better. So got home and as accurately as I could did both the 90% (to bottom bracket) and 109% method (To...
  22. gavroche

    Sitting on the saddle.

    While watching the TDF, I noticed that many riders actually sit at the front of their saddle. Is it more comfortable that way or do they do it only for a few minutes to relieve pressure on their backside?
  23. Andy in Germany

    Bicycle saddle

    I appreciate this could be a "How long is a piece of string?" question, but here goes... Elder Son and I are almost ready to build the resurrected Rando we're working on, and we're wondering how to select a saddle. Neither of us has experience of drops so this is a whole new world. At the...
  24. Dave7

    How high is your saddle compared to your bars?

    I have my bars as high as possible as after 25/35 miles my neck starts to sieze up (its age). On Saturday my ride took me to Arley Hall where I got talking to a guy that was maybe 6' 2"......maybe more. He was on a Giant TCR and his saddle must have been 10" higher than his bars. I had to...
  25. EltonFrog

    * SOLD* Brooks Challenge Saddle Bag. Brown.

    Used but in very good condition. Recently treated with proof hide. £35.00 inc p&p. Payment by BACs.
  26. C

    new saddle ideas

    Hi there I'm after a new saddle and I'm after some recommendations. I've got a charge spoon that I don't mind but when I ride more than 30 to 40 miles my bum starts to get a bit numb .so i brought a brooks cambium c17 .i really wanted to love this saddle because i loved the look of it on my bike...
  27. Paul Walters

    Saddle sores and skin tears

    Anyone of a fussy disposition, please leave now! Anyone suffered from skin fissures around their anus after frequent cycling? I seem to have developed a small fissure between my bum-cheeks, which heals nicely if I'm off the bike, but becomes sore and bloody post-ride. I am fastidious about...
  28. bladesman73

    Saddle keeps slipping backwards

    Have a Fizik saddle with those shiny Kium rails. Noticed it slipped backwards mid ride so tightned the bolts and still slipping. Not going to over tighten as the seat post is carbon. Anway got home tonight, took the saddle off and put electrical tape on the rails where the clamp touches. Will...
  29. palinurus

    "Seat is a bit tatty"

    I like to have a gander at what's for sale near me. Just found this Wiggins Rouen on eBay "Seat is bit tatty Generally good condition Some wear marks and been used" Thanks for mentioning that saddle geezer, might've been disappointed otherwise.
  30. russ.will

    Brooks saddle sizing

    I've picked up a nice Raleigh SPD 531 frame that [owing to a rattle can spray job] is ripe for doing a post-modern restoration - New groupset etc, but keeping the look as retro as possible. This means I want my first, overdue, Brooks saddle but even the sportier numbers seem to be wide compared...
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