1. P

    Shimano RS010 wheels - freehub failure

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience of Shimano RS010 freehub failure? When I was out riding the freehub stopped engaging i.e. "span out", probably confirming my misdiagnosis of the annoying "clicking" sound which I had put down to a stiff link (including "magic link" on my KMC chain)...
  2. M

    Shimano jockey wheels for 9 speed

    My jockey wheels have become more and more sketchy. The bottom one, sometimes the teeth go outside the chain and/or the teeth skip. There is quite a bit of lateral movement and they are allowing the chain to rub against the cage. I found some replacement wheels that states compatible with my...
  3. Spiderweb

    Shimano PD-R540 SPD-SL pedals NOW SOLD

    I’m selling a brand new pair of black Shimano PD-R540 SPD-SL road bike pedals, cleats are not included. These are brand new in sealed bags. The first image is taken from the internet, the other photo is of the actual pedals. Asking £18 posted first class. Payment via PayPal gift please.
  4. Spiderweb

    Shimano RO78 Shoes Size 45 NOW SOLD

    I’m selling these for a friend. Shimano RO78 Cycling shoes Size 45. They have only been worn 2 or 3 times and are very nice quality and in excellent condition, almost indistinguishable from new. They are really lightweight, according to my digital scales each shoe is only 300g, lighter than my...
  5. Tom B

    Shimano shoe part... Anyone binning SPD shoes?

    I need to replace the plate that the cleats screw I to in my shoe. As a bolt is seized in one of the holes of mine I think I've figured out how to get it out. Is any binning some old shoes and would t mind cutting up the shoe to get the plate out? It's the four hole jobbie that offers holes...
  6. adyc

    Shimano hydraulic shifters

    Used pair of shimano r505 (early 105) 11 speed hydraulic shifters. Paint wear on sides but working perfectly. £90 posted or offer
  7. gareth01244

    shimano sh-mt 71 spd shoes for sale

    Selling on behalf of my wife, bought a while ago but only used for walking and as such she found the soles a little stiff for long walks so after a couple of walks they have stayed in a cupboard. Looking for £20 posted.
  8. R

    Shimano constant "upgrades" frustration: 105 11 speed

    So, I have a 105 11 speed groupset. I'd previously bought a spare chainring, but on fitting it today find the profile is designed for a different crank set. Functionally it's fine, but aesthetics are a bit lacking to put it mildly. So: (1) Shimano!! WTF!! (2) What the hell do I search...
  9. Tom B

    Can anyone identify this Shimano Cable Operated Caliper

    Branded Shimano (could be a fake i suppose). They're awful and chew cables. I need pads for it, pads have no code on them either. Mrs Bs Clunker bike
  10. chriscross1966

    Replacing my Shimano MT91's

    I own a pair of these classic, but sadly not made any more, recessed-SPD walking boots. I'd just buy another pair if I could, but I'm struggling to find anything that really replaces them./... any ideas? Basically I want a set of walking boots with recessed SPD cleat mounts so that when I'm off...
  11. Twizit

    Hope RX4 Shimano post mount calipers

    As pictured I've got two of these for sale. They are used but very lightly so - original came on a new road bike build but being 4 pot are complete overkill on a road bike, so I changed out for Shimano originals. Hopefully you can see from pads that there is minimal use. I've labelled as...
  12. Nibor

    SOLD-Shimano CS-S500 Alfine 8 hub built into a 700c wheel £70-SOLD

    I am selling an Alfine 8 speed hub built into a Mavic A317 disc rim accessories include an Alfine single ring hollow tech chainset, 8 speed chain, all the bits to mount it on a vertical or horizontal drop out frame and the correct shifter for this hub. I bought this second hand and used it...
  13. R

    Shimano 11 speed (105) Rear Gear Cable Replacement

    Rear gear cable snapped on the way home. I can't seem to get the ratchet in the right place to fit a new one. Trying to change "down" ie big lever, only results in one gear "change" so there's nowhere for the new cable end to sit. I'm guessing this is because the old snapped off end of the...
  14. S

    Shimano 105 5600 11sp brifters

    Hi all, Have a pair of Shimano 105 brifters, cosmetically damaged in a crash but still functioning. £15 each or £25 for the pair? postage on top
  15. EltonFrog


    Brand New never used surplus to requirements £12.00 posted. BACs only.
  16. Dec66

    Shimano PDM520/540's

    Should you happen to be changing/upgrading your pedals, and you have a set of PDM520's or 540's surplus to requirements, my lad's making his first foray into the world of cleats. PM me should you have anything suitable.
  17. DCBassman

    3x9 Shimano brifters***SORTED***

    Anything in the spares bins, guys and gals? Got to take the Scott back to drops. Edit: bars sorted courtesy of @Yellow Saddle .
  18. slowmotion

    Shimano or Campag hub?

    I bought some new wheels a couple of years ago but never used them. (I thought the old wheels were worn but discovered later that the wear indicators showed they were still good.) Last night, my brother-in-law saw them and asked if he could borrow the new back wheel to fit a new Campag...
  19. itboffin

    Shimano R8000 groupset setup

    I've not been able to find much information aside from the Shimano dealers docs on how to setup the new R8000 front and rear mechs, normally it would be a problem because as long back as i can remember setting up Shimano road front and rear mechs has been almost identical, that was until i...
  20. Kernow_T


  21. E

    Petition to Shimano to introduce cassettes starting with 14

    Pretty self explanatory. I have no idea if it would work any more than petitioning for reintroduction of triples, however it just might be simply less work for them. I believe very few of us would loose out without cogs nr 11, 12 and 13. So apart from how to get around to doing it?
  22. P

    Tektro 350 brake pads swap to shimano 105 with pad holders possible

    Hi there, wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to swap my tektro R350 brake pads with Shimano items. The existing Tektro ones don't have the cassette type where you swap out the rubber blocks only such that you find on Shimano. Can I simply swap the whole block or will they be...
  23. DSK

    SOLD - Shimano 105 10 speed Shift/Levers & Front Mechanism

    I have the following components available. Shimano 105 10 speed shift levers (pair) Shimano 105 front mechanism I believe they are 5700. They were removed from a 2013 Boardman Team Carbon early on as it was upgraded to Ultegra components, hence the condition of the 105 items. As per the...
  24. S

    Shimano dyno hub convert from thru axle to qr

    i am just curious is all thru axle hubs can be converted to run qr? I realise the other way will not work i.e. qr to thru axle. I also know that shimano do different hubs qr and thru axle, but I wonder if I ever do change I can get something more future proofed. (Yep SON and SP both do dynamo...
  25. Skanker

    SOLD - Shimano MT55 26 inch wheels

    Shimano MT55 26 inch wheels Shimano MT55 rims and hubs Shimano brake discs Suitable for 12mm hubs and also includes attachments for 9mm quick release. Also included are a pair of Maxxis Detonator tires £50ono
  26. S

    advice on shimano cycling shoes

    Hi folks can anyone give me any advice on buying Shimano cycling shoes. Im a uk size 10 would it be correct a size 46 would be the right size. I see shimano reccomend going up half a size from somebodys usual fit... Thanks
  27. Twilkes

    Adjusting Shimano brake lever reach

    I only just found out that Shimano brake levers can be adjusted to bring them closer to the bars, using a screw that sits under the hood covers: View: Are there any drawbacks to doing this? Does it reduce the amount of travel of the lever...
  28. Andy in Germany

    Servicing a Shimano hub dynamo

    I've noticed a very slight wobble on the front wheel of my touring bike, which appears to be due to the bearings on the Dynamo. Has anyone ever tried to deal with such a problem, and where would you start? I have been looking for tips online but videos seem to focus on servicing the dynamo...
  29. Phaeton

    Shimano SL-M2010-9R & Shimano Deore RD-M592-SGS

    New Ebike yesterday with the above shifters & derailleur 8 of the 9 shifts are fine but it won't go into the 2nd largest cog, the chain sits on top of the cogs, is there are way to adjust?
  30. Johnymak

    Shimano ultegra 6700 shifter

    Hi I'm looking for a replacement part for a ultegra 6700 right hand shifter I dont know the name of the part but to save me from buying s pair of new shifters Would anybody know were I can source shimao parts
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