Shimano Electronic shifting
  1. Black Sheep

    Short reach Shimano integrated shifters and leavers?

    Hi, I'm on the hunt for some shorter reach levers for Black Ewe's road bike, I'm after 7 or 8 speed ones but finding them is proving difficult online as most results bring up the newer electronic or hydraulic kit. If anyone's able to point me in the correct direction of what they're...
  2. Kernow_T

    Cheap shimano 9sp MTB rear mech

    super cheap cheap if possible - I mean they were last in use when the ark was being finished. Thanks in advance
  3. Marchaugh

    Stripped the thread on Shimano R9170 lever bleed port

    So I was cleaning my bike yesterday and also cleaned up the front disc caliper as it was a bit sticky. After cleaning I noticed that the front brake didn't really work, maybe I let some air in when I extended the caliper pistons. So I went to bleed it, something I have done a few times before...
  4. canyon80

    Shimano Ultegra Shifter Help

    I put my bike into a bike shop for a gear service last week. I knew there was a couple tweaks required at the rear cassett/derailleur area and that has apparently been sorted out. However as part of this work and changing gear cables (I expected this to be done) Apparently the left gear shifter...
  5. canyon80

    Shimano ULTEGRA ST-R8000 Shifter

    looking to try and source a left hand shimano ultegra ST-R8000 shifter. mine has developed a problem after getting gear cables changed as part of a service. Does anyone have a left side one available? TIA
  6. P

    Chainset and Bottom Bracket for Shimano 9 speed

    I'm looking to replace the chainset and bottom bracket for my 9 speed mountain bike (Saracen Mantra 2015). Current chainset is Shimano FCM391 (Altus I think) and bottom bracket CH-52. I've had Hollowtech on my road bike and prefer that to the set up above, but am confused as to the range of 9...
  7. johnrussellcox

    shimano sora flight deck triple shifters

    Hey - (3 newbie questions from Tampa, FL, USA) I need to replace my cables because one is too short, as referenced in my only other post here, meaning I don't have much range in turning and I need to but can't raise the handle bars (recently acquired used Cannondale). The brake cables are fine...
  8. 120308

    More For Sale. Easton seatpost, Shimano octalink triple crankset (no rings), Fausto Coppi book

    Still having a clear out! Various for sale. All prices include postage. Fallen Angel, The Passion of Fausto Copy, paperback book : £5 Easton EA50 aluminium seatpost, 30.9 diameter, 350 long, approx. 10mm setback (measured) : £15 Ultegra crankset, FC6600 double, 130 BCD, 175 crank length...
  9. jifdave

    Enve SES 5.6 Chris king hubs clincher Shimano 11 speed

    Brand new unused ENVE SES 5.6 Wheelset - Chris King Hubs clincher Shimano 11 speed They were purchased to go on my current bike but Covid has struck. looking for £2500 or a good offer.
  10. plustwos

    Shimano Acera front derailleur lever

    The shifter (forgive ignorance) transfers the chain smoothly and accurately but the "raise" lever needs so much thumb and wrist movement that I fear an attack of arthritis. Can someone point me to instructions for adjusting it please? Down tube levers were so simple - sigh. TIA Ken
  11. C

    Shimano 160mm rear flat mount adapter

    The one missing part stopping me from completing my new build is out of stock everywhere. Does anyone have a Shimano 160mm rear flat mount adapter I can buy?
  12. 120308

    All sold, thanks. Profile Tri Bars, Token aero bars and Shimano wheels

    For Sale: Profile Design "Century" Tri bars for 31.8 diameter handlebars, including shims for 26mm diameter handlebars. Very good condition. I added a small plastic bridge, cable tied into position for mounting bike computer - useful but easily snipped off. Now SOLD.. Shimano WH-R550 Wheelset...
  13. Tom B

    Problems with Shimano Disk Brake Brake Pads.

    This is getting annoying. I've just lost the friction material off another brake pad. It's not worn away, it's broken off the backing plate and been ejected out of the caliper. *The good pad in the picture is not the other pad from the pair it's one that's been kicking around my box of bits...
  14. I like Skol

    Genuine Shimano G02S resin disc brake pads.

    One pair of genuine Shimano G02S pads including spring and split pin. These were removed from a new caliper because I use sintered/metallic pads and are unused. £6 including UK postage. Payment by PayPal friends & family or online bank transfer.
  15. Sniper68

    Shimano Hydraulic STis

    I have fitted Shimano Di2 ST-R785+ BR-RS805 hydraulic brakes to my new build but am not impressed at all by them.OK they work perfectly but there is just far too much lever travel for my liking.I've bled them,no joy so I took them to a LBS who bled them and basically said that's as good as they...
  16. Shropshire65LW

    Shimano Acera 2014 derailleurs UPGRADE

    Well I just picked up a Specialized cross trail needing some tic i could replace like for like ....BUT maybe a upgrade maybe worth while ...tho I’m sure not really needed if I was to upgrade the original Shimano Acera derailleurs what would you recommend thanks in advance
  17. curzons246

    Shimano 4600 Tiagra front and rear brake calipers

    Shimano Tiagra 4600 front and rear brake calipers. Complete with two new brake shoes and two on their last legs. Generally good condition with small amount of tarnishing to some fasteners. £15 plus £3.10 p&p
  18. curzons246

    Shimano ultegra 6700 FD

    Shimano 6700 front derailieur light use only and excellent condition. Braze on. £12 plus £3.10 p&p.
  19. DSK

    New Shimano cranks and bottom bracket - not free as a bird?

    I had a new shimano Bb71 bottom bracket and ultegra groupset fitted yesterday. When the BB and cranks were installed, they didn’t spin anywhere near as freely as the old stuff we took off. Installation was done using a press in kit so no boDges. The specialist I use advised that it’s probably...
  20. bungyb69

    Boardman adv 8.9

    Anyone know what pads and discs I'll need to sort my brakes out! Any help will be greatly appreciated
  21. Johnno260

    Shimano shoes

    Anyone here have any Shimano RC7 shoes? Sigma have some for an ok price they look nice, I know they fit me, but it’s the finish especially on the white looks a nightmare to keep clean. I found some new R321 on EBay that I’m watching they’re in my price range and look nice as well. I managed...
  22. smokeysmoo

    Shimano M324 Pedals.

    Anyone using them and can advise on use in workboots? So having just got myself a new job I may need to be commuting by bike a couple of days a week. It's not very far, and certainly not far enough to warrant getting all kitted out for. So my plan is to stick to the mountain bike and throw...
  23. Phaeton

    Shimano Tiagra

    Friend has a problem his rear derailleur has broken, he's sent this image is this the replacement?
  24. P

    Help: Shimano cassette question

    Hi guys and gals, I would like to know if Shimano HG50 9 Speed Cassette 13-25 would be a direct replacement for a 12-25 HG50 cassette? Assuming it's just a minor difference on the gearing and it should fit my PR2 wheelset fine? My PR2 wheelset had a 10 speed tiagra cassette on it but I...
  25. Shropshire65LW

    3/8 shimano Shifters wanted

    Mountain Bike Shifters wanted .must be clean and working on a budget looking for something to go on a older bike STX im told would be the best option but I will consider other
  26. M

    Hardly any top trim, faulty Shimano FD?

    Hi all, I've set up quite a few Shimano front derailleurs recently and thought I had the hang of it, however I've just put some new chain rings on my first road bike (almost 2 years old), and the top trim position isn't behaving as expected no matter how many times I try (I've been fiddling...
  27. vickster

    Shimano 10 speed Tiagra RD-4601 rear mech *SOLD*

    This has come off a bike that has done less than 1000 miles. Only changed as I far prefer SRAM In very good and clean condition £22 delivered (£19 if you also buy the shifters in other thread). Payment by BACS
  28. Levo-Lon

    No longer available

    £50 posted.
  29. Owsh

    Wanted: CX 5 Shimano shoes

    After some new or used CX 5 Shimano shoes in 46/47. Preferably black.
  30. RichardB

    Idiot! Shimano 100GS shifter?

    What a clown. I fitted Shimano Tiagra levers to go with my nice new Shimano cantilever brakes on the Raleigh Amazon. The brake lever clamp was rubbing slightly on the left upper shift lever and causing it to stick, so I tried to bend the shifter down a little. Wish I'd left well alone - the...
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