Shimano Electronic shifting
  1. cosmicbike

    Shimano Deore M615 Hydraulic Lever Replacement?

    My lad complained of his back brake not working last week, and between himself and a mate tried to fix it. So now it's Dad's to repair:laugh: I've stripped the lever as far as I can, and looking at the manual it's not really designed to be stripped beyond where I am at. The piston in the...
  2. K

    Disc wheel 700c Shimano 11speed QR

    After not long ago selling a perfectly good set I now need to find a rear disc wheel, doesn’t need to be anything fancy as it’s for a spare bike. Needs to be QR and ideally centrelock although if cheap enough that’s not a deal breaker. Anybody got anything lying about .
  3. Twilkes

    Shimano Tiagra STI RH shifter not working after cable snapped

    My right hand shifter always shifted up the sprockets fine (i.e. up to the largest sprocket, pushing the whole lever with my fingers) but on the last few rides I noticed it didn't always make it down to the smallest cog when clicking with my finger. I thought it was just derailleur alignment...
  4. Darius_Jedburgh

    Shimano down tube levers. The bit behind them🤔

    Remember down tube levers? They had a small circular piece that fitted over the boss. Contoured to fit against the tube. A small and inconsequential pice of kit. Has any body got a couple lying around?
  5. F

    Shimano RS700

    Hi I missed out on a set of Shimano RS700 wheels which I was going to replace the stock wheels on my Giant Propel, from what I've read this would be a good upgrade, would anyone disagree with that? I then googled to see how much they are new and found this website...
  6. curzons246

    Shimano Ultegra 6700 braze on front derailleur.

    As above please, cheers Bill
  7. chr15b

    Damaged my brand new Shimano Nexus 7 IGH!

    Hi Folks, Yesterday morning I picked up my new Boardman URB 8.8 which comes with a Gates Belt & Nexus 7 IGH. This morning I went to fit mudguards (Video is on YT if interested) and when removing the rear wheel from the bike (First time removing a wheel from both a Belt & Hub setup) I stupidly...
  8. M

    Shimano R107 Shoes

    Shimano R107 shoes in size 42 in vgc £40 plus £5 postage
  9. J

    Shimano Free Hub

    Hi can anyone shed some light has this freehub sheared from the axel there's a mangled bit of metal inside the wheel . It was slipping with any slight pressure and looks knackered
  10. Chet Spiker

    Shimano caliper problem.

    Hello. My Orange hybrid has a problem with the rear hydraulic caliper (Shimano Deore BR-M6000) in that the outboard piston does not retract as it should and therefore continually rubs the pad against the rotor. I have cleaned the caliper and lubricated the piston with mineral oil but still it...
  11. Teamfixed

    Shimano 7 speed shifters

    I think I know this but just wanted to double check there are no hidden quirks with this. So, 1991 Dawes Galaxy:okay:, Shimano 3x7. Currently it has indexed down tube shifters. I dont mind that but Ms Teamfixed is less keen. I have found some Shimano RSX 3x7 ergo shifters. Am I right in assuming...
  12. Maylian

    Shimano 105 11-speed Cassette - SOLD

    Looking to sell a spare 105 shimano cassette (11-28T) that I got sent as part of a turbo trainer order, which is unopened. My bike is still a 10 speed so ordered a fitted a different cassette. From what I can see this retails for £35 in most retailers, so would like £25 including postage which...
  13. G

    Shimano cassettes

    Do all Shimano road bike cassettes thread on to the wheel. Need a new one, but want to leave the old one on until I get a replacement. Thanks
  14. Velochris

    Shimano road hydraulic bleed problem

    Hello, Searching the forum I could not find a similar query. Apologies if I missed it. Shimano Rs685 shifters and Rs805 calipers. I have bled Shimano mountain bike brakes before, as well as the road ones above on my other bike. I do it as instructed from bottom up. On my winter bike, the...
  15. livpoksoc

    Installing a shimano 10spd cassette to Hunt Wheels

    I just took delivery of new Hunt Superdura wheels. Super excited! I went to put my shimano 10spd cassette on (with the provided spacer already on the hub), and got all the bits on. Went to put my shimano cassette tool on to tighten up the lock ring and...the tool won't get past the bit the QR...
  16. Over the Ord

    Shimano brake - shifter lever

    Hi Does anyone know if a Shimano ST-2300 STi Levers 2 x 8 Speed work as a replacement for a Shimano Sora Flight Deck ST-3300 3 x 8 speed. Having trouble finding an original replacement and was thinking of trying the above. Thanks
  17. Tripster

    Shimano STR8020 Hydraulic with IceTech 140mm rotors.

    I have above Ultegra flat mount disc caliper. I cannot see any adjustment for the pads like TRP Spyres have where you can screw pad in closer for example. It seems only adjustment when wheel bolted in is with the fork leg clamp screws. Searched online but found nothing. Is there no other...
  18. G

    170mm Shimano Sora 9 speed Compact Crankset wanted

    For use on my turbo trainer bike in the garage, please let me know if one is for sale, black or silver.
  19. Tripster

    Shimano PD ES 600

    Thought would post in MTB section as it’s a SPD pedal (MTB) so maybe more people know answer. I have the above pedal and about to purchase new shoes for road riding. Silly question but will the grips underneath foul the cage around clip ? Looking now at Northwave Ghost or Sidi. Pedals below
  20. broady

    172.5 shimano hollowtech cranks wanted

    Looking for a cheap crank for the commuter Don't need the rings, but need 5 bolt 110 bcd. Let me know if anyone has anything Cheers Andy
  21. robjh

    Shimano hub locknut conundrum

    Normally to get into a hub for servicing I use two spanners to unlock the locknut+cone assembly, by twisting in opposite directions - the standard way. However the Shimano 105 hubs on a rear wheel that I bought in 2019 have no flattened area on the locknut for a spanner to grab onto - see the...
  22. Cycleops

    Stunning recreation of Shimano AX show bike.

    Thought many of you would be interested in this recreation of a bike used to show off the then latest DuraAce AX group set. Created by an enthusiast in the US it has been bought by Shimano to show in their museum in Japan.
  23. DCLane

    No longer needed: Shimano Ultegra 6800/8000 172.5mm LEFT crank only

    Wanted: a Shimano 6800 or 8000 left crank 172.5mm length. I've the right but need a left one. Does anyone have one sat around they don't want?
  24. rivers

    Shimano R7000 Clipless Pedals

    As I have upgraded to power meter pedals on my TT bike, I have listed my nearly new shimano R7000 pedals on ebay.
  25. S

    Shimano 5800 105 and ultegra 6800 compatability

    Hi folks. I'm probably like alot of cyclists at the moment in relation to sourcing new components, I'm afraid the covid situation has affected supply. I'm looking to replace my 50 tooth out chain ring (shimano 105 5800). Apparently every supplier has none in stock. I'm wondering if shimano...
  26. S

    XTR M970 crank removal tool Shimano TL-FC35 wanted

    I got a new MTB with the above fitted and in order to remove the crank I need a special Shimano tool which is hard to find and/or expensive for a one off use, does anyone have one they are willing to sell me? Link here:-...
  27. A

    Tiagra front derailleur, Tiagra rear derailleur 10 speed medium cage

    Silver 10 speed Shimano 105 170mm cranks with new (one short ride) Shimano 50/34 chain rings. Comes with crank arm fixing bolt £45. SOLD Shimano CS-HG500 10 speed 11-32 cassette - new (one ride) £20 SOLD Shimano Tiagra FD4700 front derailleur with frame clamp 34.9mm - good condition £15...
  28. dave147

    Shimano rc7 road shoes

    Been looking to get a new pair of shoes and these seam ok. Has any one got them of had them I know it’s all personal opinion but just thought I would c b4 I pull the trigger thanks dav
  29. RoubaixCube

    Shimano compatible 10 speed chainset wanted

    As the title states, Im on the market for a 10 speed compatible chainset 172.5mm My Triban kept throwing the chain as many as three times in one hour and Ive been told by my LBS and another independent bike mechanic that throwing the chain is because the chainset is worn. The independent bike...
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