Shimano Electronic shifting
  1. DSK

    New Shimano cranks and bottom bracket - not free as a bird?

    I had a new shimano Bb71 bottom bracket and ultegra groupset fitted yesterday. When the BB and cranks were installed, they didn’t spin anywhere near as freely as the old stuff we took off. Installation was done using a press in kit so no boDges. The specialist I use advised that it’s probably...
  2. bungyb69

    Boardman adv 8.9

    Anyone know what pads and discs I'll need to sort my brakes out! Any help will be greatly appreciated
  3. Johnno260

    Shimano shoes

    Anyone here have any Shimano RC7 shoes? Sigma have some for an ok price they look nice, I know they fit me, but it’s the finish especially on the white looks a nightmare to keep clean. I found some new R321 on EBay that I’m watching they’re in my price range and look nice as well. I managed...
  4. smokeysmoo

    Shimano M324 Pedals.

    Anyone using them and can advise on use in workboots? So having just got myself a new job I may need to be commuting by bike a couple of days a week. It's not very far, and certainly not far enough to warrant getting all kitted out for. So my plan is to stick to the mountain bike and throw...
  5. Phaeton

    Shimano Tiagra

    Friend has a problem his rear derailleur has broken, he's sent this image is this the replacement?
  6. P

    Help: Shimano cassette question

    Hi guys and gals, I would like to know if Shimano HG50 9 Speed Cassette 13-25 would be a direct replacement for a 12-25 HG50 cassette? Assuming it's just a minor difference on the gearing and it should fit my PR2 wheelset fine? My PR2 wheelset had a 10 speed tiagra cassette on it but I...
  7. Shropshire65LW

    3/8 shimano Shifters wanted

    Mountain Bike Shifters wanted .must be clean and working on a budget looking for something to go on a older bike STX im told would be the best option but I will consider other
  8. M

    Hardly any top trim, faulty Shimano FD?

    Hi all, I've set up quite a few Shimano front derailleurs recently and thought I had the hang of it, however I've just put some new chain rings on my first road bike (almost 2 years old), and the top trim position isn't behaving as expected no matter how many times I try (I've been fiddling...
  9. vickster

    Shimano 10 speed Tiagra RD-4601 rear mech *SOLD*

    This has come off a bike that has done less than 1000 miles. Only changed as I far prefer SRAM In very good and clean condition £22 delivered (£19 if you also buy the shifters in other thread). Payment by BACS
  10. Levo-Lon

    No longer available

    £50 posted.
  11. Owsh

    Wanted: CX 5 Shimano shoes

    After some new or used CX 5 Shimano shoes in 46/47. Preferably black.
  12. RichardB

    Idiot! Shimano 100GS shifter?

    What a clown. I fitted Shimano Tiagra levers to go with my nice new Shimano cantilever brakes on the Raleigh Amazon. The brake lever clamp was rubbing slightly on the left upper shift lever and causing it to stick, so I tried to bend the shifter down a little. Wish I'd left well alone - the...
  13. P

    Shimano RS700 wheelset dent/crease

    Hope you’re well in these strange times…. Wondered if I could get your expert opinions on a new set of wheels I’ve won recently on e bay. They are shimano ultegra rs700 c30 clincher and there is a small dent in the side. I've attached a picture with this below. Not sure, but it looks like it...
  14. broady

    Sold Stages power meter - Shimano 5800 172.5 lenght

    Stages power meter in good used condition with a little heel rub. £200 plus p&p if you aren't able to collect (Leicester)
  15. wafter

    In praise of Shimano

    Being a picky sod in a time of apparent falling product design and manufacturing quality is not at all fun, and on the odd occasion I see fit to buy something it really grinds me down to have to deal with crap that isn't right. As such I really appreciate decent products and having owned a fair...
  16. kiwifruit

    Jockeys Wheel sram to shimano

    I need to change my GX SRAM jockey wheels with 11 teeth, one of the tooth has come snap off on yesterday’s ride. Can I used any Shimano 11T jockey wheel?
  17. Teamfixed

    Shimano 105 (old) chainrings

    Hi all, I am in the process of putting back together my Alf Webb 531 road bike. I have an old (90's) 105 chainset on it. The BCD measurement is 125mm (I think its an A type). Its got 52/42/30 currently and I want to change it to a 48/38/30 if poss. I am having trouble finding rings to fit and...
  18. vickster

    *SOLD* Shimano PD-M785 XT Pedals w/ cleats

    Lightly used, some scuffs on the clip in area as would be expected Spec here £25 delivered within UK - including new SH-51 cleats Payment by BACS *will be available for delivery from Sunday*
  19. Nigeyy

    Help me out: Shimano MT200 or Deore brakes? Or anyone with good experience with Avid Elixirs?

    At least over here, there seems to be a big price difference in Shimano brakes -you can either go for cheapy MT200 or then it seems to jump by 100% in price to the next level of Deore brakes. While I'm a gentle xc person, there are times on descents where my errr.. overweight body needs decent...
  20. MahatmaAndhi

    Can somebody share pictures of a Nexus Alfine please?

    Hi all, Today when I was out riding on my Roux G8, something happened to my gears which left me with just one, 10 miles from home. Near the hub where the outer cable ends is a 'stopper' (not sure what the correct term is). Whatever was there that prevented the outer cable from going through it...
  21. PaulSecteur

    [SOLD] Specialized Secteur 56cm, Shimano 105 (5700) 3x10 - Nice low gears!

    Reluctant sale (I never sell my bikes!) But cash and space needed as I will be putting this towards an electric bike for my Dad. Pictures and videos to follow, Im putting this up now so I commit to selling it before I change my mind. Specialized secteur, 56 cm. From 2014. Shimano 5700 Shifters...
  22. Eccoboy

    Shimano 8 speed Freehub replacement

    Hi folks, advice appreciated.... I recently managed to remove the old broken Freehub from a Carrera Subway wheel. I was puzzled by the fitting to remove it, looked like a multispline but not sure of the size, certainly not a standard 10mm hex or 6 point end - can anyone point me in the right...
  23. C

    Hope RX rotors with Shimano road calipers

    Morning all, I was wondering if anyone had experience of using Hope RX discs with Shimano road calipers. I know that there can be problems with the rivets fouling certain calipers (only with MTB calipers in my experience) and would prefer to avoid an expensive mistake. Cheers.
  24. DSK

    (wanted) Shimano Di2 Upgrade Kit (6870 or R8050)

    Wanted Shimano DI2 upgrade kit with internal battery (6870 or R8050) for rim brakes. Chain rings, cassette are not necessary. Must be in good condition and full working order. Happy to travel for collection.
  25. DCBassman

    Shimano caliper cable pinch bolts, cable anchors, whatever you call them

    Anybody got some in the spares bin?
  26. vickster

    SRAM Shimano compatibility

    New bike comes with Tiagra 20 speed and mechanical discs. I’ll try it, but as I prefer SRAM and have spare shifters, I may convert. I’ve ordered a rear mech in case as I know that will need to be changed. But how about the front? TIA :okay:
  27. Shut Up Legs

    SRAM Red eTap AXS vs Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 ?

    I'm considering buying another bike, and for the first time getting electronic shifting, but I don't know which of the abovementioned groupsets is better. Comments, anyone? Regards & thanks, --- Victor.
  28. Milzy

    New Shimano mechs are poor.

    I've always had trouble with barrel adjusters on the new Ultegra mechs. I've now de-threaded one. What size screw thread is it so I can re-tap it out. Strange thing it actually works better now just sat in the first threads. Eventually it will need doing however. Maybe someone else has done...
  29. R

    Shimano ST EF51 brake/shifters

    A spring has broken inside the left hand (triple front) shifter on my sons hybrid bike. Not many ST EF51 shifters available on-line, the ones on eBay all look to be copies, none have the Shimano logo on the actual body. Thinking about upgrading, are the ST EF500 compatible and be a direct...
  30. MDA 998

    Shimano Ultegra 6800 Calipers

    Selling some Shimano Ultegra 6800 rim brake calipers, obviously been used but still in super condition, they have some marks on them pics will show. looking for around £75 post free UK or collection welcome Manea PE15
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