Shimano Electronic shifting
  1. Xipe Totec

    Shimano 105 11sp Cassette 11-28 As New

    Shimano R7000 105 cassette - bought this for my project Ti bike build - I'd wanted an 11-30 but couldn't find a sensibly-priced new one at the time, so the 11-28 was a compromise. As luck would have it another CC member advertised a nearly-new 11-30 a day or two after I finished the build! I...
  2. Blue Hills

    shimano 9 speed cassette 14-25

    HG50 14-25 cogs brand new never used - since new prob no point posting a pic - it is in the original shrink wrap with label. Says Deore on the label though a current search seems to show HG50 branded as Sora. Seems to be £33.99 on chain reaction though out of stock. £23 plus postage. Can hand it...
  3. iluvmybike

    Brand new boxed Shimano HG400 9spd cassette 11-32t

    £25 plus postage(approx £5)
  4. iluvmybike

    Brand new - Shimano Claris 2400 GS Rear Derailleur

    Brand new. Never fitted. Just not in a box. 8spd. Long cage will take up to 32t. £25.00 including postage
  5. Flick of the Elbow

    Caught out by the Shimano 10 speed tripwire, a warning !

    I needed a new rear mech for my 105 10 speed shifters. Shimano’s only 10 speed group is now Tiagra. So I duly bought a Tiagra rear mech from Wiggle, fitted it, but couldn’t get it even close to indexing properly. Took it to my LBS who took one look at it and told me that every mechanic he...
  6. A

    Shimano GRX 600 - 400 brake disc kit

    I need hydraulic hose kit, I can see there are two types of Shimano kits BH59 and BH90 not sure on which one I need ?
  7. Buck

    Shimano release new Dura Ace and Ultegra 12 speed group sets

    They join SRAM in the 12 speed arena more details here The “old” versions may reduce in price but as supplies are limited at present this may not happen? Ive got Ultegra Di2 on one of my bikes and it is something to behold so I think any...
  8. A

    Bleed kit for Shimano grx 600 brake lever

    What bleed kit do I require ? I have these
  9. livpoksoc

    Deciphering Shimano brake block codes?

    Buy cheap, buy twice is the old saying. I replaced some worn out rim brake pads recently, with some cheap as chips Lifeline pads. They're ok, but in the wet aren't offering much and even with toe in, they are squeaking occasionally. A fellow club member recommended I get the Ultegra pads - but...
  10. Daninplymouth

    Shimano Synchroshift know best?

    Hi, I have my DI2 set up on synchro shift and now have my gears showing on my computer, it’s all set up with my 34/50 11-30 gears. Just wanted to double check if I should leave it as it is or can you adjust the gears it uses? Or whether to just go back to manual mode. I always thought not to...
  11. N

    Miche Primato Syntesi 32h / black / shimano

    Mine just died :( so I'm hoping to pop another one on it. Anyone got anything going spare?
  12. Cycleops

    New Shimano 5 speed ‘Automatic’ hub gear.

    Some of you might be interested in this new Inter 5e internal hub gear for use with electric bikes: View:
  13. G

    40 tooth 10 speed Cassette question

    I have a shimano 105 5700 medium cage rear mech on my caad8, the chainset is a compact 105 5700 series also. Because I have multiple Sclerosis I can't push full tilt like I did before diagnosis. I've ridden up 18-20% percent gradients using a 32 tooth rear cassette but my cadence drops to 60rpm...
  14. Mralexrides

    Shimano Ultegra 6700 adjustment help

    Hi, changing gear in the front derailleur is really sluggish and I find I have to push in really far on levers to get it to change sometimes I have to do this twice. Is there a way of increasing the sensitivity of the shifters? There are no barrel adjusters for the front derailleur. This is...
  15. Tartanpimpernel

    Shimano Hydraulic Hose

    The used groupset I bought the used rear brake hose is 30mm too short, was hoping to get away with just reusing it but typically luck is against me :cry: so looking for a length of BH90 Shimano Hydraulic Hose ( 1500mm+ ) if anyone has any ? cheers
  16. Grant Fondo

    Shimano Discs

    Can I swap Shimano BR-RS505 wheels on to 105 disc bike or do I need to buy some new discs?
  17. B

    Shimano RD A105 parts

    Can anybody help. I need a Plate Axle Assembly for a Shimano RD A195 rear derailleur
  18. B

    Old Shimano Spares

    Does anybody know where to go to get Shimano spares. I need some bits for a RD A-105 rear derailleur
  19. Tartanpimpernel

    Shimano Praxis T47 inboard bottom bracket

    Shimano T47 Praxis Inboard Bottom Bracket Came with a Groupset I bought, but surplus to requirements Please check compatibility and spec here - Has covered...
  20. W

    Shimano GC Shimano BB-7200 GB-100 DURA ACE Bottom Bracket 68mm 116mm 35xP1 French (LN)

    Can anyone tell me how to remove one of these ,ie which direction clockwise or anti-clockwise ? The frame is going for a respray and l don't want to leave it in the shell. PS l have had no luck either direction so far, it just won't budge :wacko:
  21. velohomme

    Gone. Shimano Tiagra 3x9 Front Mech.

    Free. Shimano Tiagra front mech. 3x9. I'll pay postage if you put some money in a cancer charity box
  22. velohomme

    Withdrawn. Shimano PD R540 SPD Pedals

    Shimano M540 SPD pedals. Used and some marks from usage as to be expected. £20 postage included.
  23. velohomme

    Sold: Shimano 6800 Ultegra Pedals

    Shimano 6800 Ultegra pedals. Used but still in good condition. 3 new cleats included with fixings. £40. Postage included.
  24. Cycleops

    New Shimano factory to ease supply problems.

    Not until the end of next year unfortunately. Shimano is to invest in a new factory in Singapore to help with growing demand for components and electric bikes.
  25. ExBrit

    Shimano CB90

    Has anyone tried using this brake QR on a Brompton to avoid deflating the tire before removing the wheel? Does it provide enough clearance? How far down the cables did you install it...
  26. Twizit

    FS: Shimano MT44 SPD shoes (like new) - size 46 - £35 posted - SOLD

    As above, selling my Shimano MT44 SPD shoes. They are at the casual end of the spectrum, bought for those times when I might be touring and in need of something more dual purpose, but in reality only ever used a couple of times and really should have bought a size up. As such they are in pretty...
  27. Nibor

    Shimano BL-M396 hydraulic levers only £25 posted

    Hi lightly used BL-M396 levers selling as I have upgraded located Accrington
  28. Bazzer

    Shimano Sora triple control lever - drop bar

    Does anyone have one they can part with? I am not looking for a freebie, so if one is available, please PM me with price and condition.
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