track racing

  1. DCLane

    Track Racing - CC members

    I looked and couldn't find a thread for those CC members who race track. So here one is ... Currently I'm going through accreditation at Manchester, but choosing to take my time. So tonight I took the chance to race at Scunthorpe's Quibell Park. This week saw the return of track racing to...
  2. HF2300

    Track Racing - 2017. Here be spoilers.

    Prompted by @Dogtrousers addition to the 2016 topic, thought we might as well start one for 2017. I'm envisaging this would be for minor events and major events might merit their own topic, but we'll see how it goes. 26-31 Jan 17 6 days Copenhagen Ballerup Super Arena 26-27 Jan 17...
  3. brommers

    Track Racing from now to the end of 2016

    Thought I would create a thread for the upcoming track racing which starts with the European Championships from 6.40pm tonight on Eurosport, followed by the 6 day racing and the Revolution Series.
  4. deptfordmarmoset

    UCI track and cyclocross live feeds

    I keep forgetting to check out the UCI youtube channel so I thought it might be useful to have a thread where links could be posted up. So here's the first: World Cup Tracks, Hong Kong
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