1. sevenfourate

    Santini Maillot Jaune Fleece Cycling Gloves XL Santini XL Winter Gloves - £56 New; just £22.50 delivered 😎

    Brand new Santini Winter Fleece Gloves. Only bought this past week by my Father from the current Tour de France website. Baring in mind he’s 85 and doesn’t cycle……I’m not quite sure why he bought them 🤣 These cost £56 - and can be seen here...
  2. Bimble

    30 Mile commute - How fast on an electric bike?

    My current commute is around 30 miles and averages 50 mins by car. I could cycle it but am time-constrained and need to keep the commute to around an hour; but could push it to 1hr 15mins if doable. Would an electric bike be fast enough to do 30 miles in an hour and fifteen or would it be...
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