£1.5-2.5k road bike buying advice


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Hi, first time poster looking for some buying advice…

I have around £1.5-2.5k to buy a second hand road bike. It will be used for long ‘undulating’ rides 100k+ but also for a few duathlon/triathlons so 40k sprints and training for this

I really have no idea what I’m looking for..so any advice would be appreciated. I’d prefer speed over comfort, but appreciate a little comfort is needed on a longer ride

I will have to sell it in a year or two so I don’t want anything that will depreciate too much as I need to fund University.


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Second hand is always tricky unless you know what you want.

Sizing is critical and will rule out most bikes. After that you want a bike that's not been abused.

Don't blow 2.5k if you need the money - it's not necessary.

New bikes are hard to come by but you could get this in a couple of weeks.

Speak to them re sizing.



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I really have no idea what I’m looking for.
Do you have a bike just now or have you ridden any recently?
100k miles is a lot if you are just beginning.

From what you say it sounds like you want a road bike but there are so many variables.

Things to think about:
Frame material (aluminium, carbon, steel, titanium) - aluminium will be the cheapest.
Gearing - If shimano then they tend to start with:
claris (8 speed)
sora (9 speed)
tiagra (10 speed)
105 (11 speed)
ultegra (11 speed)
dura ace (11 speed)

Towards the higher end you can also get electronic shifting.

Then you need to think about the size of the chainset and the size of cassette.

Brakes: rim or disc?

So much to think about.
If you have no idea where to start then I would recommend reading into road bikes in general, watch youtube videos that explain the different components and decide which would suit you best.

Also, nothing beats seeing bikes in the flesh and sitting on them, test riding them etc.
Also compare an endurance road bike with a more race orientated bike.


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If you have no idea what to look for search out a quality bike shop and discuss your aims with them. If you feel the recommendations are good buy one.

Only you will be able to judge the quality of service you receive.


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Thanks all. I’m not a complete newbie in terms of training, I’m fairly used to long rides, have completed an Ironman all on my 15 year old Specialized Allez.

so ideally I’d like treat myself to a road bike, not a tt bike, that will give me a bit of an edge in a race compared to the allez, but something also suitable for a social ride.

I appreciate it’s a bit of a minefield but I would rather get a higher spec second hand bike rather than a lower spec new bike. I was thinking a canyon aeroad or giant propel advanced, which I though would be good in a race, but wondered if they would be ok on a hilly social 100-160k ride?

thanks for all the tips so far…appreciate it’s a bit of a loaded question


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There are a few new bikes in shops round my way in the OP's price bracket, but I thought they originally specified second hand


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Accra, Ghana
There are a few new bikes in shops round my way in the OP's price bracket, but I thought they originally specified second hand
I think it was @cougie uk who said up thread that unless you know what you're buying it's difficult and the OP is a beginner who also needs to select the correct size which is hit and miss on pre-owned stuff. For his budget he can buy a pretty decent bike new so if he gets any probs he can just take it back. I think it's really a no brainer for him.

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Good luck with that. Not available mail order - you'll have to hope your nearest dealer has one.

At least Planet X can deliver bikes in a couple of weeks.


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Thanks for the reply everyone. I think my intro may have been misleading, I not a beginner cyclist I’ve done my fair share including a number of races. I just don’t have much idea of the top end bikes and the models and what’s best value for money. Ie if I bought a Giant Propel Advanced, would it be rubbish on a hilly social ride but good in a race, would a TCR be better? Or Aeroad vs Ultimate? Or would it be better by a lower spec bike with upgraded wheels or a higher spec standard bike?

I only want a second hand bike, I want to be able to resell it as as close to the purchase price as possible. Also if I find out I don’t like it after a few months I can resell it and not lose money which wouldn’t happen if I bought a new bike.

thanks again for all the help and advice

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