£10 for 1 water bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


... that'll look good in one of those £60 carbon bottle cages :?:


Rob S

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Perhaps I should've read the discription first...they admit it's made by Elite!!! :?:

I think for their anniversary they made a special aluminium bottle with a cork cap....more in the style of Rapha I'd have thought.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Is there any way of finding out if anybody actually buys this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I couldnt find the thread where someone was asking about thermos bottles,so ill post a pic here,i was at sunderland today and went into collectibles with my wife and son,while we were looking around i saw this and thought id try one,it was £4.99,and converts to hot and cold drinks,it doesnt have one of those click open pouring spouts(which i find are crap)but both types of stopper are screow on and seem good,ill let you know how it works when iv tried it,and there was a holding bracket to go on your bike too all came with it,anyway heres a pic,it claims 24 hours to keep cold,and 8 for hot drinks,my experience of these steel flasks is about 6 for hot if you like it very hot still,8 and its ok but not really hot.

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