£14 Snow studded tyres 26 inch An d 700c

Hip Priest

Cheers for the heads-up! Just ordered a pair.


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Manchester way
you swine of a person .

you force me to spend £32 on tyres + delivery a mere hour after ordering this

I'm going to have to go with the well it would have been £120 otherwise defence and hope for the best.

Hip Priest

Wow, they're quick as well. Unfortunately, they're so quick that I can see they're going to get delivered today and there's nobody home except my wife who is on nights. If she gets woken up by someone delivering bike bits I'm going to be in two different types of trouble.


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Mine came this afternoon. I paid the extra for DPD. I've always had a good service from them. Having worked for a company that used Yodel I know how bad they can be.

I'll be changing my tyres tomorrow.
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