£5 Wiggle voucher please!


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South West
I'd like to buy a new 3T stem from Wiggle, and as there appears to be loads of £5 off a £25 spend vouchers kicking about right now, I'd like one too! Not sure how people manage to get hold of these but......

If anyone could be so kind please PM me.

Thanks in advance.


God's Own County
As a fellow CC-er I guess you count as a "friend"!. I have some Knog Love/Hate gloves on the way, not from Wiggle, so I have no use for the voucher as spent up! This is the pertinant bit of an email I got from Wiggle:

Just enter this exclusive e-voucher code 12624-72814 on the checkout page - please give it about 15 minutes for this code to be uploaded onto our web server.

If you don't want to use this voucher yourself, you can always forward it to a friend.
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