10 speed Tiagra to 105 / Ultegra

I am gonna change the cassette on my winter bike which carries a complete Tiagra groupset. Nice enough, all thing considered but a bit long in the tooth. The 105 / Ultegra 10 speed cassettes are well priced at the minute so I am going to go for one of them. Can anyone see a problem going for the 105 / Ultegra cassette and taking out the Tiagra cassette. Something in my mind says that the chain may have to go as well. :idea:


No problem at all. You may need a new chain depending how worn the cassette is.


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For the sake of £10(or whatever it is) do it right and change the chain too.

I wouldn't be able to sleep if I'd cheated like that. Can't change a tyre without changing tube too :wub:


Kmc or sram. Never used wipperman but supposed to be very good.


wam68 said:
What's the gear changing like with the KMC. Is it just as smooth. I know they are longer lasting but is their a big difference in the smoothness of the changing. Cheers:thumbsup:
No discernible difference.
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