1000 miles cycled since february

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Nice one Lazyj, maybe not so lazy eh?


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Well done !

I have clocked up 275 miles in the past 4 weeks, which, for a 12 mile daily high-speed commute (LOL) plus a longer ride at the weekend, I am quite happy with.

I have also lost a stone in weight in those 4 weeks, and feel much fitter and stronger than I did a month ago :smile:


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Well done, I'm on a lowly 50 :biggrin: but hope to cover that kind of ground in future.


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Near Windsor
Nice one. I got my bike mid March and have only done about 750, but hope to add another 100 at an event coming up at the end of the month.


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Got my spez tricross sport last week in october just passed the 2000 mile mark . Plus 170 on mountain bike since may :smile: . I did 3500 last year on mountain bike including a col wee tours so hoping to top that this year
I'm really pleased with myself. Now for the next 1000....;)


I have recently passed that mark myself for this year as well. :biggrin:

My new trip meter reads 935.0miles and was purchased in May this year.
February saw me on the old trip with 300miles or so (but I can't rely on it being exact - several times it has recorded my husband are reaching 95mph (:sad:)downhill on a mountain bike hence it being ditched!
My daily commute is only 9.3 miles (unless, like today, I have to return home because I have forgotten my lunch yet again), so mileage takes a while to accumulate at less than 50 miles a week.
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