11-Speed 11-32 cassette - brand new, unused *TRADED*

Xipe Totec

Frrrg rrrrf yrrrr crrrnds
Shimano-fitting 11sp cassette, branded 'Sunshine'.

Cassettedit 1.jpg

Cassettedit 2.jpg

Got this as part of an ad-hoc groupset I bought from AliExpress - so it is unashamed cheap Chinese gear! Selling because the ratios I wanted (11-30) weren't available - this hasn't been used beyond popping it on a Fulcrum freehub to check it fits - and it's a good, firm fit with no play.

Looks like a decent facsimile of Shimano, quality & construction appears similar to Shimano's Sora 9sp units.

Traded now, cheers!
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